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Why Does Every General Hospital Character Need To Hear Carly’s Woes?

Why Does Every General Hospital Character Need To Hear Carly's Woes?

General Hospital spoilers reveal Carly continuing to aimlessly wander around Port Charles looking for anyone willing to lend her a sympathetic ear about her latest personal distress.

General Hospital Spoilers: Woe Is Me Carly Is On The Prowl

It looks like Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) might have run out of people to tell her problems to because now GH is bringing in recurring day players who we barely see to prop her up and give her someone to whine to. We love Felix DuBois (Marc Anthony Samuel). We’d love to see Felix have his own storyline and on-screen romance. What we do not love is seeing him be used as a tell-to for Carly when they were never real friends to begin with.

And then there’s Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud). The woman was telling Nina Reeves to go get Carly’s man just a few weeks ago after Carly stole Britt’s man last summer — remember Jason (Steve Burton)? Carly can’t stop talking about him either — and on Valentine’s Day, they were getting drunk together at The Savoy and doing shots. Make it make sense, GH.

Why Did Carly Run To Her Son? And Then SAM???

Did nobody else find it weird that the first person Carly wanted to talk to after finding Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) in bed with another woman was her son? Who goes and tells their grown son about their father’s sex life? There is something weird and inappropriate about that and basically sums up why Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) is such a dysfunctional person.

And that scene at the Metro Court bar with Sam (Kelly Monaco)? Carly told Sam McCall that she walked in on Sonny in bed with another woman again. There he goes again, right Sam? Um, wasn’t Sam one of the women Carly walked in on Sonny in bed with years ago? Wasn’t that conversation a little awkward?

Shouldn’t Sam have been worried about a kidnapped Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms), her actual friend? Shouldn’t Britt have also been worried about a kidnapped Maxie Jones? Is anyone worried about a kidnapped Maxie Jones or do they feel she can hold her own and Carly needs their attention more because Sonny cheated on her once again? Again, just make it make sense, GH, make it make sense. Stay tuned to General Hospital weekdays to see if Carly stops broadcasting her problems for all of Port Charles to hear.


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2 years ago

Let’s get Sonny and Carly back together and move on.Send Nina far away.If Willow is her daughter send her away with Nina.This has gone on too long with Nina and Sonny.New storyline is needed.

2 years ago

I thought I was the only one that found Carly whining to everyone in Port Charles about her cheating soon to be ex husband annoying & weird. She even told her daughter and her son and like the author of this question I also asked WHY? Is this so she can have a fling with Jason’s twin brother and no one will bat an eye because she’s been so wronged by Sonny, AGAIN? Nina is NOT the problem. She can’t make a hard a** grown man do anything he doesn’t want to do. It was just time for either Sonny or Carly to cheat again.

Paulette Tedford
2 years ago

You people are always bashing Carly about her talking with her friends about her marriage. They have been there since time began! As for Michael & Joss they pester her about how she feels! I’d been telling anyone who listened about my husband cheating after reassuring me I was the one and only. Sonny is like a spoiled little kid. I
think he has a brain tumor or injury cause he doesn’t make sense right now. I hope Carly stays on her own.

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