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Prince Andrew Faces A Very Dark Future Because Of His Brother Prince Charles

There’s a new report that suggests there’s no turning back for Prince Andrew. Or at least not when it comes to his public life and persona. Apparently, “it will be the end” for the Duke of York the moment that his brother Prince Charles will take the throne as Andrew is facing a “limited time for rehabilitation” according to one royal expert. Here’s what you need to know.

Prince Andrew Faces A Very Dark Future Because Of His Brother Prince Charles

As many royal fans know by now, Prince Andrew had agreed to a settlement with his accuser Virginia Giuffre for an estimated amount of $16 million. And while this has helped Andrew’s lawsuit go away, his reputation is irrevocably broken. Royal journalist Camilla Tominey says that for now, it would be best for Andrew simply stayed out of the spotlight, for better or for worse.

While on Britain’s This Morning show, she said, “My sense is in team York there’s discussions around whether he can ever be rehabilitated. He can’t in public life because when he was stripped of his royal and military associations last month it was expressly said there’s no going back so those patronages are going to be handed on to other members of the royal family.”

British Royal Family News: What’s Next For Prince Andrew?

Camilla also pointed out that for Andrew in a public capacity, he can’t go back to being a private citizen, nor can he do any charity work as a private citizen, either. That, and the future doesn’t look bright for him at all.

She added, “Once Prince Charles is on the throne there’s going to be even less sympathy for him because let’s not forget it was his brother and indeed his nephew the Duke of Cambridge who pushed for this severing of royal ties in the first place.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter, although at this point it’s doubtful that anything will be said. That, and there’s very little chance that Andrew will be making any public appearances in the future, too.

In the meantime, let us know what you think with your thoughts in our comments section again. Be sure to catch up with everything on the British Royal Family right now. Come back here often for the British Royal Family news and updates.


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Dolores Monnett
Dolores Monnett
2 years ago

Charles may well be banned as a king after his exposure to the UK money for citizenship. The billionaire Saudis and from other lands have provided money for Charles to refurbish once stately old mansions, then sell as a profit. Along with Money Charles likes nice art pieces for these homes. All done without Charles asking for permission from the Queen. In trade for money Charles would bestow UK Citizenship. To his multibillionaire he would give the UK citizenship as a reward. His head is next on the chopping lock.

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