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Melania Trump Turning A Blind Eye To Donald Trump’s Cheating?

Well, this certainly explains a lot. There’s a new report that suggests Melania Trump might have turned a blind eye to her husband Donald Trump’s infidelities. As a matter of fact, when Michael Cohen testified during Donald Trump’s criminal hush money trial that it was Melania’s idea to spin the Access Hollywood tape as nothing more than ‘locker room talk,’ one of her former assistants co-signed that statement as being true. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: Melania Trump Turning A Blind Eye To Donald Trump’s Cheating?

Is Melania Trump turning a blind eye to her husband Donald Trump’s cheating? That’s what a lot of fans can’t help but wonder. As many critics know by now, the world was shocked when an Access Hollywood tape from 2005 saw Donald Trump saying behind the scenes that women loved it whenever he could ‘grab them by the p****.’ He made his comments right after he met with Days of Our Lives actress Arianne Zucker. Well, according to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, that might not have bothered Melania Trump as much as some people assumed that it would. At least, that’s the way she’s making it appear to be.

Celeb News: Does Melania Even Care At This Point?

Some critics have even commented on the matter with, “I wasn’t her best friend and I said it on that day Melania Trump helps Donald Trump cover up his crimes so they can both continue to live off those crimes. Predictable. Read your book. Melania was never your friend. You were her Michael Cohen,” along with, “In her interview w Anderson Cooper at the time of Access Hollywood she used locker room talk to excuse, normalize, minimize his misogyny, sexual assaults/rape. She was manipulating/ gaslighting right along with him. She is complicit. I do care. Do you?”

So far Melania Trump herself has made no comments about the matter. We will upate you with all of the latest details about Donald Trump’s trial once they come in.

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