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Queen Camilla Delighted To Meet With Rose Hanbury

Well, this is certainly a sight that no one thought they’d ever see. It seems like Queen Camilla looked like she was more than just a little delighted to meet with Rose Hanbury during a meeting at Badminton Estate in Gloucestershire over the weekend. It was a multi-day event where horses and riders got to compete. And while there’s no doubt that the day certainly did belong to the competitors, all eyes were on Queen Camilla and Rose Hanbury for this reason. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Queen Camilla Delighted To Meet With Rose Hanbury

As many royal fans are aware of by now, there were reports that suggested Rose Hanbury supposedly had an affair with Prince William during his marriage to Kate Middleton several years ago. And while no one knows if there’s any truth to those rumors, a lot of people are quite surprised that Rose made a public appearance to meet with Queen Camilla and with photographers there to capture it all, of course.

For Queen Camilla, she doesn’t want to get in the way of anything and she certainly doesn’t want to stir any more problems for Prince William or Kate Middleton for that matter. She’s had her fair share of negative headlines and more. But at the same time, she’s not going to ignore Rose Hanbury, either. She knows that if she did that, then the media would make it look like she’s on Kate Middleton’s side when in reality she just wants to be on neutral ground.

The Queen of England Is Keeping Quiet On Her End

So far neither Queen Camilla nor Rose Hanbury have made any comments about the matter, but there’s no doubt that people are going to speculate about the nature of their friendship and what they could have possibly said to one another, too. Did they talk about Kate Middleton and her cancer? Or was it just about the weather? We will definitely update you with all of the latest details once they come in.

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