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General Hospital Spoilers: Clue That Charlotte Is a Red Herring

General Hospital Spoilers: Clue That Charlotte Is a Red Herring

General Hospital spoilers revealed a clue that Charlotte Cassadine (Scarlett Fernandez) is a red herring. This theory has been swirling around the internet for weeks now. Keep on reading for more.

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Charlotte A Red Herring?

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that Charlotte is a red herring. Just a month ago, fans predicted this very theory. The user mounafaci posted on Reddit: “I think Charlotte might just be a red herring. I don’t actually think she trashed Anna’s hotel room much less set her house on fire. Even though I would understand Charlotte for lashing out after the horrible year she’s had, I don’t think she did it.”

Some fans love the idea of a messy teenager on the soap. Some of them took to the thread to share their thoughts. At the time, most of them were mixed over this theory.

One user noted: “I still think Victor must have something to do with Charlotte having a pack of tarot cards in her backpack.”

Another Redditor wrote: “It’s a really weird swerve for me because Charlotte really liked Anna not all that long ago.” One responded: “Exactly. It seems like she does for all I see.”

A third user chimed in: “No. She’s playing reluctant and standoffish now and only including Anna in the future when she’s talking to other people, like Nina.”

There were questions about Charlotte’s personality. At the time, she didn’t want to interact with other people. This shows that she was troubled. Some fans believe that she trashed the hotel room, but she didn’t set it on fire.

GH Spoilers: Charlotte Theories Pop-Up Again

According to the General Hospital spoilers, the Charlotte theories came up again. The user momof3_angels shared a possible theory: “So – I have been hoping that Charlotte was still just a red herring. The longer that Val and all keep the secret that Charlotte is guilty of the crimes against Anna, and the longer that no one confronts her directly to get her side of the story – the more I think she is possibly still that red herring.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Clue That Charlotte Is a Red Herring

One fan responded: “I still hope that it’s a red herring. Why can’t they write Lulu’s only daughter as a troubled teen who needs therapy and gets it and then she does normal teen girl stuff?”

The General Hospital spoilers suggest that fans don’t want Charlotte to be the red herring. They would rather see her act like a normal teenage girl again, even if that’s boring. Some believe that it would serve Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) right if Anna DeVane (Finola Hughes) hurts Charlotte. However, they don’t want to see Charlotte getting hurt out of this.

Do you have a feeling that Charlotte is the red herring? Are you starting to believe the theories? How do you feel about this storyline? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more General Hospital spoilers, news, and updates.


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