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Black Chyna Opens Up About the Kardashians and Her Decision To Reverse Her Cosmetic Surgery

Black Chyna Opens Up About the Kardashians and Her Decision To Reverse Her Cosmetic Surgery

If we needed a perfect documentation on “best friends turning into enemies,” Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian are a fine example.

These two reality queens were best friends back in the day, but all that changed when her ex Tyga started dating Kim’s youngest sister Kylie Jenner and she felt betrayed.

However, that’s all water under the bridge for Chyna who has moved on and started a new chapter; a religious, alcohol and surgery free one.

Blac Chyna Recalls Being the Center of Kylie Jenner’s Underaged Relationship With Tyga

Chyna and Kim Kardashian were once thick as thieves, but in recent years, their relationship has dissolved to the extent that she sued her and her family to court.

It’s been a year since the much-publicized legal battle raged – if you remember correctly, Chyna disastrously lost – and her opinions of the family have gone through a transformation that she can now afford to think of them without any sadness or anger.

“Everybody’s in a great place,” Chyna said on the October 26 episode of The Viall Files, adding that she’s “grateful” the legal battle is behind them.

Her relationship with Kim started unraveling when Kylie started dating her ex Tyga, who she shares 11-year-old son King Cairo with, in 2014.

At the time, the relationship drew much drama because Kylie was underaged. However, it wasn’t the relationship that spooked Chyna, but rather the fact that she didn’t know anything about it until it became public.

Chyna felt that Kim owed her a heads-up first, as she found out about the relationship “the same way everybody else did: the internet.”

“Me and Kim, we were really good friends. I was on her show and all this stuff like that. We lived in the same community,” Chyna recalled. “And then her little sister started talking to Tyga, which was really crazy because she was underage and then everybody came at me and started attacking me.”

Black Chyna Opens Up About the Kardashians and Her Decision To Reverse Her Cosmetic Surgery

She continued, “It’s like, nobody’s seen the betrayal that was going on behind my back.”

The drama was once again reignited in 2016 when Chyna started dating Rob, and fans thought she was doing that just to get back at

Kim Kardashian – at the time, Kylie was still in an off-on relationship with Tyga.

“It’s been years,” Chyna added of the drama. “I didn’t come out and be a bitter baby mama, you know what I mean? I feel like time has passed.”

And it truly has. The Lashed Cosmetics founder recently stopped drinking alcohol, quit OnlyFans, underwent a breast and butt reduction surgery and dissolved the fillers in her face to reverse her past cosmetic work. She further embraced her real birth name Angela White and goes by it these days.

Of her decision to reverse the cosmetic surgery procedures, she said, “I want people to see me living in my truth. I’ma be honest and I’ma be open just with things moving forward.”

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