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Multiple Movies Delayed To 2025, Including Disney’s Snow White: Here’s Why

Multiple Movies Delayed To 2025, Including Disney's Snow White: Here's Why

This week, Bob Iger and other Hollywood CEOs warned SAG-AFTRA that multiple shows slated for 2024 may have to be delayed if they couldn’t come to an agreement sooner. It’s especially telling since it’s coming as the SAG-AFTRA strike entered its 100th day.

Negotiators for SAG-AFTRA also revealed that they’re willing and ready to meet with studio bosses everyday until they arrive at a fair deal.

Disney Delays the Release of Its Live Action Snow White By A Whole Year

If you’re among those who are dying to see Rachel Zegler in action as Disney’s Snow White, this is certainly not good news.

But Snow White isn’t the only movie that’s been pushed back, as Pixar’s March animated movie “Elio,” was pushed back more than a year from March 1, 2024 to June 13, 2025.

“Disney’s Snow White” was meant to be a major release during the studio’s spring slate, with its original release set for March 22, 2024.

Now fans have to wait a whole year, and I mean 365 or so days, to be able to catch the movie on March 21, 2025. This is coming just after Disney released a poster for the movie, which saw Rachel Zegler’s Snow White surrounded by 7 dwarves in what appears to be the dwarves’ cottage.

This put a stop to the speculations that some of the dwarves will be replaced by people of normal height, and that one of them, wait for it, will be a woman. Disney was criticized heavily when the rumors came out, with many calling on Disney to respect the source material.

Rachel Zegler’s Latino heritage was another bone of contention among fans, as people argued that Snow White should be “snow white.”

More Movies Expected To Be Delayed if Studio Heads and SAG-AFTRA Representatives Don’t Come To A Deal Soon

Disney CEO Bob Iger and other Hollywood CEOs told SAG-AFTRA that if they don’t come to a speedy deal, they will be forced to pushing some major movies back. The deadline for the deal is said to be within the first week of November.

If a deal isn’t struck by then, we’ll see multiple other movies getting pushed back.

Already, the timeline for “Deadpool 3” has already been thrown out when the SAG-AFTRA strike halted filming, and “Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning, Part Two” will definitely be leaving its 2024 slate.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with SAG-AFTRA right now. Come back here often for all SAG-AFTRA spoilers, news, and updates.


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