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British Royal News: Prince Charles Thinks Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Has Damaged His Reputation

Oh, really? There’s a new report that says Prince Charles believes that Netflix’s “The Crown” has done long-lasting damage to his royal reputation. Because the future king of England apparently thinks that everyone has long forgotten all those messy years when he was married to Princess Diana and still having phone calls about tampons with his mistress Camilla Parker Bowles, right? Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News: Prince Charles Thinks Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Has Damaged His Reputation

According to royal columnist Dan Wootton of the Daily Mail, he thinks that the “fan fiction” that is “The Crown” has shade a terrible light on his reputation. That, and the fact that Netflix’s documentary “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story,” which details Charles’ decades-long friendship between the serial predator and Charles sure isn’t helping, either.

Writing about the Jimmy Savile doc, Wooton put it this way, “The bad timing: The timing couldn’t have been worse for Prince Charles and those close to the future king know it. Amid a series of damaging international headlines for the Royal Family following Prince William and Kate’s Caribbean tour and Prince Andrew’s unwelcome return to the spotlight, the heir to the throne’s once close friendship with the beastly pedophile Jimmy Savile has been dragged up for the world to devour, thanks to a major new series by Netflix. An exasperated ally of the Prince of Wales had a simple question during a downbeat call this week: ‘Why now? This has been known for years. It’s easy to think this has been timed for maximum damage.”

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Wooton also says that six seasons of “The Crown” sure hasn’t helped Charles and public opinion of him, either. He wrote, “There is deep concern that the portrayal of their boss as egotistical, callous and weak in the royal drama The Crown – a huge hit internationally – has done lasting damage to his reputation, especially among younger generations who didn’t live through the so-called War of the Waleses in real time. Royal staff are braced for the forthcoming next series to be the worst yet, as Princess Diana’s death is played out on screen.”

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