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Tragic Details About Lauren Sanchez’s Online Trolling

She’s one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, but she’s also one of the most controversial ones, too. And that’s not because of anything she’s said or done, but simply because of the way that she looks. And yes, we are totally talking about Jeff Bezos’ fiance, Lauren Sanchez. It seems like she is the most hated person on the internet and a lot of people are having a hard time understanding why. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Tragic Details About Lauren Sanchez’s Online Trolling

Just recently, Lauren Sanchez accompanied Jezz Bezos to a state dinner at the White House last week. Her racy red corset dress certainly did turn a lot of heads, but there are some critics out there who think that Lauren might have done a better job covering up with something else, instead. In fact, some people think that the figure-hugging dress was a little too much and that’s why she’s gotten trolled over it online.

Some of her critics have even taken to social media to comment on the matter with, “It’s a hollywood dress for Oscars or Cannes Festival. Not for a soirée at the White House,” along with, “Love the new hair and dress beautifully but does seem a little inappropriate for a dinner at the White House with the Japanese Prime Minister. They are pretty proper. Just my opinion.”

Lauren Sanchez Is Keeping Classy And Quiet

Another critic wrote, “She’s a smart woman, But missed the opportunity to be looked upon as more than T and A at a Presidential event. Women shouldn’t have to be put on sexual display to be considered a beautiful woman.”

And then there was this comment as well, “Lauren is both very feminine AND VERY masculine woman. How she chooses to balance those, its her personal choice. What she wears, when she wears and how she wears is her choice, not yours. But so many have difficulty to grasp that.” 

So far Lauren herself has not made any comments about the criticism she’s received.

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