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Celebrity Big Brother 2022 Spoilers: How To Play CBB 3 Cast Prediction Game!

Celebrity Big Brother 2022 Spoilers: How To Play CBB 3 Cast Prediction Game!

Celebrity Big Brother and the original Big Brother always spark cast rumors as the debut nears. But for season 3 of CBB, the rumors have gone wild. As a result, some fans decided to turn all the gossip into a game! 

Find out how you can play the Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 Cast Prediction Game. And don’t stress. We’ve even included some tips on how to come up with likely candidates below! 

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: How To Play Cast Prediction Game!

On your mark, get set, go! To play the Celebrity Big Brother Cast Prediction Game requires several steps. First, head over to the Reddit Big Brother community. And second, join that community. But your quest to win the CBB game doesn’t end there. 

Click on the CBB 3 Cast Prediction Game challenge. And now you can play. As the creator and judge explains, “Pick 12 celebrities that you think might be in the cast. Once the cast is revealed, I’ll look back at this post and give you one point for each correct prediction. The person with the most points wins bragging rights.”

Thus far, the person with the most up-votes relied on variety to score. And that means including everyone from a “Dance Moms” alum (Jojo Siwa) to an actress from the ABC comedy series “Full House” (Jodie Sweetin). Add in sports stars and singers, and only someone from the political realm seems to need a space in that list! 

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers: How To Find Possible Cast Stars

If you’ve looking to play the cast prediction game but don’t know where to hunt, relax. Several Twitter spoiler accounts want to help. For instance, the CBB Insider Twitter platform frequently posts possible cast members. But beware! Some supposedly confirmed stars already got denied. 

For instance, from that supposedly “confirmed” list, Sha’carri Richardson’s rep has already spoken out. And the spokesperson firmly denied all those reports. So ignore all those claims of confirmations!

But that spoiler account definitely gets competitive with Dan – CBB Insider. Big Brother Detective Dan claims status as an undercover CBS insider. And he says that he gives ALL the spoilers before Celebrity Big Brother debuts in early February.

Most recently, Detective Dan served up his own list of predictions. And his highlights included a token politician, Sean Spicer, and an infamous Olympic wannabe star, Tonya Harding. Could Celebrity Big Brother included an outside ice rink for Tonya to challenge her competition?! 

Tell us if you plan to play the Celeb Big Brother Season 3 Cast Prediction Game. And if you do take the challenge, please share your top predictions with us. After you’ve shared your views, check back on our site for more Celebrity Big Brother 2022 news. 


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