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What Happened To Prince William?

There’s no doubt that he’s preparing for a lot of changes in his life right now. But unfortunately for Prince William, he doesn’t know what the future holds for him. With both his father King Charles and his wife Kate Middleton dealing with their cancer battles, the Prince of Wales knows that he has to be stronger than ever before. But it’s not that easy, and especially not behind closed doors. That said, here’s what’s going on in Prince William’s life right now. 

What Happened To Prince William?

As many fans probably already know, Prince William once said that he doesn’t lie awake waiting to be king, but there’s a good chance that he might wake up as the next king of England sooner rather than later. With King Charles in the middle of his cancer battle, royal staffers have hinted that they are already preparing for his funeral. For the Prince of Wales, this is certainly troubling. 

That said, there were also reports suggesting Prince William didn’t even want to be king to begin with. Being the head of the monarchy was a job that was best fit for someone like his grandmother Queen Elizabeth. His father King Charles had his entire life to prepare for the role. But because of William’s age, he hasn’t had that much time to shadow his father. And he has enough self-awareness to know that he needs more on-the-job training before he takes the throne.

What’s Next For The Prince Of Wales?

Also, back in April, Prince William’s anger management issues were put under question. As many fans know by now, there have been plenty of reports from the past suggesting the future monarch has had a hard time controlling his rage behind closed doors. And that’s not just because of everything that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have done in the past, but also because he wants to maintain control. 

There’s also been a lot of reports that suggest William has been butting heads with his father King Charles over the direction that the monarchy should go in. William feels like he knows that things have to work differently now in order for the royals to survive under his reign.

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