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Kristi Noem Called A ‘Sick Freak’

Well this is a side of her that we definitely haven’t seen before. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is getting attacked on social media and even being called a ‘sick freak’ after she admitted to killing her puppy in her new book. And no, we are not making this up at all. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Kristi Noem Called A ‘Sick Freak’

Kristi Noem has admitted to killing her family’s 14-month-old dog, Cricket. She recently released a memoir and admitted to killing a dog of her own. She wrote in her book that the dog was too aggressive and needed to be trained to used for hunting pheasant. She specifically wrote that she “hated” the dog and was “dangerous to anyone she came in contact with.”

Not only that, but Noem also wrote that Cricket was “less than worthless … as a hunting dog. At that moment. I realised I had to put her down.”

Of course, many of Noem’s critics sure did have a lot to say about the matter on social media. Some commented with, “What a sick freak. It’s like bragging about killing your kids for being naughty, when you’ve never taken the time to teach them good manners. I do feel so sorry for her children, they are damaged in ways they’re never going to realize without a lot of pain,” along with, “Having fostered and owned rescued (and abandoned) hunting dogs, I can’t stress the need for early and gentle obedience training enough. It doesn’t matter what breed; simple training needs to begin the first day you get your puppy.”

Kristi Noem Blasted On Social Media

Another critic wrote, “Nothing says psychopath like savagely killing a 14 month old puppy—in a gravel pit. The goat story is equally disgusting. The dog was acting like a young, untrained dog. The goat was acting (and smelling) like a goat. I’m very glad my governor, Tim Walz, is among those dragging her.”

So far Noem herself has not responded to any of the criticism she’s received.

Tell us, what do you think about this story? Leave us your thoughts in our comments section below.

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Ruth Ruggiero
Ruth Ruggiero
27 days ago

Back in the Day before Veterinary service people would uthanize their pets farm animals etc.. Shot gun to the Head and it’s over . Quick and not suffering. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my pets but if and when they are sick I uthanize them through a vet. Quick and easy.

26 days ago

Kristi Noel’s is a governor? Really? Her actions killing her puppy is ignorant and disgraceful. Having a governor act in suc h a way that is down-right rotten, it’s time for her to leave her position. Her judgement is so off base. She’s Miss so-called Farmgirl, she knows damn well training animals, especially dogs, are a must when they are used for a purpose other than a family pet. If for some crazy reason Trump wants her to be VP, he will lose my vote…that’s a fact!

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