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General Hospital: New Tragic Details About Steve Burton

General Hospital news says that if there is one daytime television star who has made a lot of headlines these last several years – and international ones, too – it has definitely been Steve Burton. The actor, who is best known for his role as Jason Morgan in Port Charles, has seen a lot of changes in his life, both professionally and personally. Here are just a few new tragic details about the actor.

General Hospital: New Tragic Details About Steve Burton

As many fans know by now, Steve Burton has finalized his divorce from his ex-wife, Sheree Gustin. Reports say that the actor pays his ex over $12,000 in child support per month as per their settlement. Clearly, the actor has to keep his income flowing in order to keep up with his bills. That’s why, unlike his former co-star Ingo Rademacher, Steve didn’t complain or file a lawsuit against ABC when he got fired from the show back in 2021. Instead, he found work over at Days of Our Lives and has since been rehired to come back to General Hospital. But the transition hasn’t been smooth. A lot of people have pointed out that the timing might not be right anymore and that there isn’t a place for Jason Morgan or even Jason Quartermaine in the current storylines.

If that weren’t enough, Steve’s personal life has changed a lot, too. While he hasn’t made any indication that he’s dating post-divorce, fans have noticed that he’s posted less photos about his three children Makena, Jack and Brooklyn on social media. Now, that doesn’t say that he doesn’t love his kids or sees them any less (even though he’s got split custody with Sheree), it’s just that he probably can’t post about them as often as per his divorce settlement as well.

General Hospital: What’s Next For Steve Burton?

Steve has even hinted that his return to General Hospital might be a temporary one. Of course, fans are hoping that’s not the case. They want to see him on the canvas for as long as they can!

General Hospital airs on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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Eugenia Hardin
Eugenia Hardin
3 months ago

I want Jason Morgan to stay on GH for a long time.After all it wasn’t his fault he was fired.


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