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Royal Family News: Oprah Winfrey Is Now A Sworn Enemy Of King Charles?

She was only asking the questions and she certainly wasn’t giving any of the answers. There’s a new report that suggests Oprah Winfrey might be the new “sworn enemy” of King Charles. That’s because she has no place to talk about any “sensitive matters” when it comes to the royal family. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Oprah Winfrey Is Now A Sworn Enemy Of King Charles?

According to royal expert Dan Wootton, he believes that the television personality should not be talking about anything when it comes to the British royal family. But it might be a little too late for that as Oprah conducted her bombshell of an interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle back in 2021 that rocked the royals to seismic proportions. If that weren’t enough, Oprah was also recently asked if Harry and Meghan should attend King Charles’ coronation in May. And while she said that the couple should simply do what’s best for them, Wootton thinks that she shouldn’t be saying anything at all.

He said, “Oprah Winfrey is now a sworn enemy of the British Royal Family. So while she might regard herself as the queen of the US chat show, it’s high time she shuts her big gob when it comes to highly sensitive matters relating to the coronation of King Charles.”

After Oprah was asked whether or not Harry and Meghan should go to London for the Chubbly, she said, “I think they should do what they feel is best for them and their family. That’s what I think. That’s what the bottom line comes down to: ‘What do you feel like is the right thing for you?”

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But Wootton says that answer is enough to tip over King Charles. He said, “That, folks, is disingenuous nonsense.”

With that said, Harry and Meghan are yet to say whether or not they will be attending King Charles’ coronation. Of course, fans will certainly find out when May 6th rolls around, right? 

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