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General Hospital Alum Ingo Rademacher Is Asking Fans For Help In His Fight And Lawsuit Against Disney

It looks as though someone might be looking for a little help here. Actor Ingo Rademacher, who was best known for his role as Jasper Jack on General Hospital, is reaching out to his fans in the hopes that he can get a little help in his fight and lawsuit against Disney and the ABC network. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital Alum Ingo Rademacher Is Asking Fans For Help In His Fight And Lawsuit Against Disney

Ingo has taken to his Instagram account to ask his fans to help contribute to Perk of the Educational Rights of Kids. The website says, “PERK has engaged in multiple lawsuits, daily advocacy, provided educational resources, and effective action. Our mission is to protect children, families, and parental rights, to protect your right to work, travel, and live in society, to preserve medical freedom and bodily autonomy, and protect the citizens of California from unconstitutional mandates and Government overreach.  We are taking on the biggest counties, school districts, and companies in the country.  We need your help. We invite you to stand with us and support the courageous people fighting on behalf of all of you.”

This all has to do with Ingo’s ongoing fight against vaccinating himself, his kids and his family.

Back in October, and in court papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, ABC asked that Ingo show every single private message that states the network is trying to harass his supporters.

“I believe ABC’s real purpose in asking for all these private communications is to find out which people have supported me, so it can harass them, and to let everybody in Hollywood know that if they support me, ABC and others will find out,” Ingo says in a sworn declaration. “There is a strong cancel-culture in Hollywood right now. I do not think the people who have messaged me privately would want ABC and others to know that. They might get canceled too.”

Ingo also says that a lot of his messages came from his former co-workers as well as from his fans.

“The messages were sent to me privately, with the understanding that they would be kept private,” Rademacher says. “I have done that. The most I have said is that I received many supportive messages.”

General Hospital News: What’s Next For Ingo?

If that weren’t enough, he also says that the ABC network’s vaccine mandate was just used as a “ruse” to apparently get rid of him from the show. Ingo believes that General Hospital had plans to pink slip him anyway, seeing how his contract was up during the summer of 2021. 

His lawyer said, “Put simply, ABC did not fire Ingo because he did not perform the essential functions of his job. It fired him because it disagreed with political and social views he espoused. It fired him because he did not share the company’s preferred political and social views. That violates the California Labor Code and constitutes a breach of Ingo’s employment agreement.”

Back in June, Ingo said that the ABC network tried to destroy his acting career. Late last year, Ingo said in his lawsuit that the COVID vaccine mandate is unconstitutional and amounts to religious discrimination. He is also being repped by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and John W. Howard, an attorney who has already filed several lawsuits challenging the vaccine mandates. Ingo was let go back in November when he refused to comply with the ABC network’s vaccine mandate. 

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