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Is Ingo Rademacher Getting Canceled? General Hospital Actor Mocked And Slammed For Lawsuit, Tucker Carlson Interview


This might be a good week or a bad week for former General Hospital star Ingo Rademacher, depending on how you look at it. There’s some speculation that the soap star, who is best known for his role as Jasper Jacks in Port Charles, might be on his way to getting canceled as he has been both mocked and slammed for his lawsuit against the ABC network and most recently, his Tucker Carlson interview. Here’s what you need to know.

Is Ingo Rademacher Getting Canceled? General Hospital Actor Mocked And Slammed For Lawsuit, Tucker Carlson Interview

After it was reported that Ingo is suing his former employers after failing to comply with their vaccine mandate, Stephen Colbert decided to take matters into his hands by taking a pot shot at the actor.

“Sorry, buddy, but you have to follow the medical advice – you’re on ‘General Hospital’, not ‘General Stuff I Read On Facebook’,” Colbert quipped. “Now, a lot of people say Ingo Rademacher is being ridiculous… Unless, that’s not Ingo Rademacher! It’s Ingo Rademacher’s twin brother Vigo Rademacher, who just woke up from a coma.

“Or maybe, in just one final twist, none of that is true and Ingo Rademacher is just a stupid dingus. That makes more sense. That’s the one.”

Ingo says in his lawsuit that the COVID vaccine mandate is unconstitutional and amounts to religious discrimination. He is also being repped by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and John W. Howard, an attorney who has already filed several lawsuits challenging the vaccine mandates. 

General Hospital News: What’s Next For Ingo?

Of course, many critics have also dragged him on twitter for his comments on the Tucker Carlson Today show. During his interview, Ingo said COVID-19 is like “a serious flu bug,” and suggested that vaccines don’t “do a good job at stopping the spread” of the coronavirus.

“To me, it’s staying healthy and dying healthy as well,” Ingo Rademacher said. “Being injected with something like this COVID vaccine – personally, I don’t think I need it, and I think I should be able to make that choice.”

Some comments have included, “I’ve never watched a soap opera in my life so I have no clue who this person is. However, he sounds like a person who cares only about himself and not the people who have to work with him,” along with, “How he plans to win this lawsuit is beyond me but he does have the right to try. Also, his career is over.”

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  1. Christina says

    Should’ve kept your mouth shut,you had a choice and you did what you thought was best for you. What a arrogant a**hole! Not with the whole cancel culture but… Yes your career is Over

    1. Steve Burton says

      Yes, your career is over, you should have just gone away and shut up. It was your choice to not get vaccinated and Disney’s to protect their actors.

      1. Charlotte says

        He’s right. 98% survival. Yes, many died because we didn’t know what we were doing. We know have therapeutics snd people are strengthening their immune system. This Vx has also caused more deaths then any other and heart issues.

    2. Deianna says

      If the US Disney so wrong about covid19 mandates then maybe ge should just go home to his motherland. I don’t know about him but I’m sure his ex Co workers want to stay alive. He us just so wrong. It’s his choice not to be vaccinated but he should just stay home away from anyone. Doesn’t he even care if he gets his family or new baby sick?

      1. Michelle says

        He is correct. It is his right to not get vaccinated, but it is also the right of his employer to terminate his contract for not complying with a health emergency mandate requiring vaccination for a disease that is killing people. Also, Ingo it is the right of your former coworker who is transgender, to not be disrespected and judged by you, or are you the only person whose rights you care about. Australia’s calling…you should answer.

    3. Perma S Steed says

      Is there a sad button would like to push it for you.

  2. Cat says

    What a dumb dingus. He made his choice so STHU and stop digging yourself into a hole. Selfish, ignorant putz!!

    1. Janet says

      I really enjoyed your character on General Hospital and the Bold And The Beautiful He only cared about himself and not his co workers.Stop while you are ahead let it go now.He was also rude about one of his coworkers dont down talk about the life a person chooses.

  3. Peggy Howell says

    Gee, I wonder why Ingo doesn’t have polio or any of the other life threatening, crippling diseases we were vaccinated against as children? Really not very bright! Didn’t like his character on GH very much anymore anyway so I guess he took care of that!

    1. K says

      Well now you haters are in droves!!! Leave comments, bit don’t call people names. You don’t know what circumstances led this person to make a choice to not get vaccinated nor do you know what other vaccinations he has had….But you are determined to put your foot in your mouth and call names and say ugly things about someone you don’t know and looks like you are jealous of.
      If you can’t say anything nice…keep your mouth shut and say nothing!! How would you like to be attacked for your personal decisions? Enough said!! Haters!!

      1. Loli says

        K, you sound just idiotic and immature as this “C” level actor.

      2. jsb says

        Practice what you preach! You just referred to others as HATERS, twice in your comment. Look in the mirror.

      3. Calvin Blankenship says

        I totally agree. Who is to say those people hating him are even vaccinated? Its a personal choice and getting vaccinated doesn’t prevent u from getting the virus just not as bad

    2. Just12345 says

      Thank God there are those with a platform like Ingo Who are speaking out and standing their ground.
      “My body my choice” is not selectively applicable!!

      People making comments like yours really need to stop and think before opening their mouth. The vaccines for polio and ‘other life-threatening crippling diseases’ were tested and the trials took years!
      It’s absurd to use them as a comparison. But this is what happens when people don’t follow the science and simply follow what is politically being said about it.

  4. Pam says

    Oh I see the oh so tolerant lefties have left remarks already. No one should be forced into having experimental vaccines! He had a religious exemption but they were jerks and didn’t allow it. Take the vaccine if you want but don’t force it on your employees

    1. Missaster says

      I thought he was great on Tucker Carlson. And I believe he is sincere and it goes against the way he was raised and what he believes.
      He has the right to think and feel that way . Those that don’t have the right also. What bothers me is is that people want to , cancel , fire, cuss out , beat up, and call names because someone has a different opinion or votes a different way . Spoiler alert , our country was founded on these freedoms.

      1. Jane says

        I agree, Ingo has a right to his own opinions. So if a person doesn’t agree with the left, it’s ok to Ruin your life. Sad. Go Ingo!

      2. Diana says

        Agree, we are The United StEs of America and we have freedom of speech.

    2. simone says

      I believe everyone has a right to what they put into their bodies, the Jab is not a mandate just because a man without a brain said so, you know who I’m talking about. Ingo, and Steve have the right to not put something they don’t believe in into their bodies. Many people do not believe in the Jab, its their God given right.

    3. Alexandra A. says

      Absolutely agree. Glad he’s suing. Hope he wins!

    4. Jillie says

      And don’t force your possible illness on your coworkers just because you don’t want to get a vaccine!

      1. Dawn says

        @Jilllie Says: you must know by now that ANYONE can transmit Covid. Vax or not. So how does MY VAX (AND YES, I AM VAX) protect anyone but me???? Waiting….

    5. Rose says

      No one should be forced to get the shot !!!!!!!

    6. stetny says

      Absolutely agree!

    7. Ginny Wilcox says

      I hope he sure their a s s es off and wins millions, maybe even owns them and Disney besides!!! Go Ingo! I chose the vaccine but you can bet your bum I wouldn’t let anyone turn me into a sheep! I CHOOSE not you!!! Be careful cancel culture is all about turning you into a sheep! Stand up or lay down, your choice…

  5. Suzanne says

    Stephen Colbert is an idiot. It should be a choice whether or not you get the vaccine and no one should be fired for not getting it. I have been vaccinated and I still believe in medical freedom. #Istandwithingo

  6. Ruth Ragsdale says

    Admire him for standing up for himself. With you all the way Ingo!!

    1. nancy dillingham says


  7. PJ says

    You made your choice, IR. Now take the consequences!! And Tucker Carlson? Really!?!? Now there’s a reliable source! Your stupidity has done you in. See ya!

  8. Jeanne says

    This is still America, land of freedom. To eat at McDonald’s or going to a nice restaurant for a burger. Your choice to wear a sweater or not. Your choice to inject an unknown chemical into your body or not. And why should you have to pay with your career to make a freedom choice! Need to stop the bullying, like we are trying to teach our children and here are, adults, doing the same!?

  9. Pat Bryant says

    I don’t know why he’s reacting this way. It does equate to not caring about the health and well being of others.

    1. Lisa says

      By YOUR opinion and that of a medial percentage of people – perhaps. But that does not a FACT make. No one should be labeled or condemned because they view things differently- hold a different belief- have different skin color or religious beliefs. God didn’t make us alike and we weren’t meant to be sheep being herded. You do YOU and live and let live! This lawsuit will play out as it will.

  10. Dee says

    I don’t judge anyone for getting the vaccine because it was a thoughtful choice for their own lives… Those whom don’t get the vaccine should get the same reapect. There is no freedom of choice when someone is threatening to take your livelihood away for not putting something into their own body. It’s like someone holding a gun to your head and telling you to do something you are totally against or die. No employer will take care of you if you’re sick or pay for funeral expenses if you suddenly die. No they just say that’s sad and move on to the next employee. I totally understand people who want the vaccine because you want to believe in something that can “possibly” work against this tragedy. No one and I do mean no one knows how this vaccine will affect them years down the road. So if someone wants to be cautious in not getting it to be sure it doesn’t do harm to their body… why are you judging, or getting so angry, or darn near forcing someone to do it?? It is not fair that he lost his job! Not one bit. It is the law to be given an accommodation for your religious beliefs… or aren’t we in America anymore? I hope he wins the case!!

  11. Marion says

    I hope his small children don’t catch “ the serious” flu

  12. Bonnie says

    I think the way Steve Burton went with General Hospital‘s executives was very gracious and very adult. Ingo Rademacher is acting like a spoiled child. He could have been just as gracious as Steve but instead he wanted to buck the system. I won’t miss him but I wish they would bring Steve back it’s just not the same without himself.

  13. Soap fan says

    I think the man actor kind smart person who played had on gh proud he hit up and tryed to fight of what un kind act as been put on him
    He has been a true good actor of what he did and abc should be thank full and be good for this last few years of pain we have and your show give us happiness and your make silly rules fir your self I an shsme
    He tryed to fight his cause
    Real life story if he loses or win don’t let people make fun and s as it fum

  14. Angela says

    I think GH is wrong. They are losing 2 great actors because they refuse to take a shot that HAS NOT BEEN THOROUGHLY BEEN TESTED!!!!!!!! It takes years and testing on volunteers and or animals to know exactly what kind of side effects it could have. For all of us that gave in and took the shot, we may end up years down the road with all kinds of things going wrong with us, We might develop some kind of disease from it, have all kinds of knots develop(cancerious or benign}. could even have some wierd tail grow. Steve Burton was one of the all time favorite actor on GH, and he applied for a medical/religious pass and was denied. It is bad enough that we have to give children all different types of shots, and that we had to take them, but to slam and actor and not let them work, is as UNAMERICAN AS IT GETS!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you Jason and Jax.

  15. Nancy says

    I agree with Ingo. No one should be forced to inject anything into their bodies if they don’t want to. The courts have already ruled that vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, and those who are vaccinated should trust that they are protected against catching a form of the disease that is life threatening. I wish you the best Ingo, and hope you are vindicated!

    1. Morgan says


    2. Brenda says

      I agree completely. Taking an experimental drug should be an individual choice. It has been proven one can still catch and transmit the disease after receiving the shots and we don’t know long term how the vaccine will affect our bodies. He is standing by his convictions. Good for him. How many others feel the way he does just don’t have the strength to stand firm for their beliefs. I applaud him.

    3. Kate says

      First of all, he was not forced. He used his freedom of choice and now has to live with the consequences.
      Second, please cite your source for the mandate already being ruled unconstitutional.

    4. Fran says

      I 00% agree with you. This should NEVER have been MANDATED. Not ever. I was against the shot for over a year, then grudgingly got the shot to protect others in my family. 3 months later I came down with Covid, a very sickening case which lasted 18 days. The scientists are not even following the science! Its disgusting. Ingo has every right to fight this, and I stand behind him firmly for his right to defend himself at any cost.

  16. Marni says

    I hope he wins. Cancel culture I cancel you.

  17. Sherry says

    If a person wants to keep their job and the company says you need a vaccine and have to wear a mask then you do just that……..if you do not want the vaccine then it is time to go and find another job…….simple! It is the company policy, I can not tell my bosses what to do as I am an employee, I work for a company so I follow the rules and comply with the regulations they set in place……what is the big deal? This is not about taking away his choice, he has a choice and did not follow the company policy, so suffer the consequences of your decision Ingo!

    1. Diana Parsons says

      I guess he doesn’t care if he catches the virus @ gives it to one of the kids @ it KILLS THEM. SELL CENTERED JERK
      No pay check. This is the RULES of the Company. Follow them or get FIRED. He is NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE! EVEN THOUGH HE THINKS HE IS.
      I guess he doesn’t care if he KILLS HIS OWN KIDS EITHER.
      WHAT A JERK.

  18. Liz Sergent says

    I love this actor and its his body, his choice – he shouldn’t be forced to take the vaccine. #teamingo #whoisstephencobert

  19. CAROL A. DOUGLAS says


  20. Linda says

    Ingo did the right thing for himself. The writers suck now anyway & the storyline is getting ridiculous. His body, his choice. Freedom is what America is about.

    1. Pinky says

      if he made the right choice why is he suing and complaining on Tucker Carlson

  21. Lori Hatfield says

    Good job Ingo, more people behind you than not.👏

  22. ilene says

    He can be replaced.people are still dying from this new virus 🦠. I watched the show he just talked too much. I don’t feel sorry for him, or others that don’t comply. This new virus is spreading because of people that don’t get the shots. Shame on all of them

  23. Betty Payne says

    You did it your way,others do do it there way … BOO HOO they didn’t
    Stick up for you … Get over it 😡 I

  24. Elly says

    He should get over himself over this, seriously , what is the big deal. Rules apply, this crap is serious, roll up ur sleeve and be done with it. I guess no pay check is more important then getting one.

    1. Joni says

      What about my freedom not to get any infection from another person. I don’t want to suffer because someone else thinks only their rights matter. Nothing is fullproof.
      I had to have a TB test every year In order to keep my job.
      I remember some years back where parents refused to get their kids vaxed against measles! And what happened? Yep a measles outbreak. Those poor little kids had to suffer because of their parents acts.

  25. Faith Francoise says

    As an American patriot, I support Ingo’s 1st Amendment Rights and believe he will prevail in Court. Rather than cancel him, I prefer to cancel Disney! 🇺🇸

  26. Suzy says

    I stand with medical freedom, do I am on Ingos side.
    You do you
    Let me do me
    Believe what you want
    But don’t force your beliefs on me
    What happened to compassion in a free country!?

  27. Nosey ppl says

    That’s his choice just say no some of y’all get on my last nerves. Yeah I must not know a lot of people is coming down with health issues after getting the vaccine. Wishing they could be first getting it just because the vaccine went into you without for now and I will say for now and you made your decision to get it then why should he shut the f. up? Why don’t some of y’all shut up? Where’s your outcry for the Jewish people not getting a vaccine not that he is Jewish I’m not for sure not too much of a fan but I’m a fan of Human Rights.. what happened to the Amish people they not get any vaccine ?

  28. Rachel says

    Who give a rats behind what Stephen Colbert has to say, he just another sheep following the herd, drinking the kool-aid. I hope the actor Ingo takes everything Disney has and shuts it down. He will probably get any job he wants acting, as long as it is not owned by the leftist idiots. And Stephen Colbert and Disney just fade into the sunset. It’s not about the job or the money to intelligent people or what some late nite talk show person says not really sure what Colbert’s career is, it’s about standing up for yourself and not being a Guinnie pig for Dr. Fauci and Company

  29. Mary says

    While I think everyone does have a choice as to whether or not they get the vaccine I think he is ignorant about the covid. We have lost several people because of this sickness people that were very healthy until they got this. He is within his right to try and Sue but the way he is acting is like a spoiled child that doesn’t get his way. Steve got let go and he was very nice about the whole thing and even though he was not happy did not slam GH FOR WHAT THEY HAD TO DO TO TRY AND KEEP EVERYONE SAFE. I hope Steve gets to come back but Ingo can stay gone.

  30. Clara says

    I’m with him. Vaccine mandates have been shot down in the courts. We will always have some strand of COVID. We will learn to live with it, and let’s get back to living but not in fear.

  31. Suzanne says

    I admire him for being willing to fight for what he believes In. If you got your vaccine, and you believe it works, then you don’t need to worry about what he does.

    I personally got the vaccine but not the booster as I want my body to start building it’s own natural immunity. I wear my mask where I am forced to. Feel free to believe what you want but give others the same courtesy without name calling.

    Some people believe in freedom of choice when it comes to abortion under any circumstance which is ending a life but not a vaccine that could possibly end a life?! Think about it!

  32. Rose says

    Whatever! He is not that great an actor anyway and yes he has the right to reject the vaccine just as Disney has the right to enforce its Vaccine Mandate to protect his former General Hospital castmates and crew as well as to protect itself from years of litigation for failing to enforce it’s own Vaccine Mandate. Across the country Counties with his mindset have much higher COVID19 deaths rates. Anti Vaxxers and their political pundits are dropping like lead balloons yet they still don’t realize COVID doesn’t respect wealth, education, profession, national origins and political affiliations so his right wing dog and pony show won’t save his job and won’t certainly save his life. Boy bye!

  33. Diane Koza says

    If people do not have the right to make choices they are not free. Is this really they type of country you want to live in? Is this really the world you want to leave to your children and grandchildren?

  34. Pam says

    Ingo is out for himself, and not thinking about the people he works with🥲. He and Tucker Carlson should move in together! Facts are it is killing people. Not a simple flu bug!!

  35. Jan says

    I’m with Ingo and his right to choose. Remember the liberal war cry: My body, my choice? This is a disease with a 98.9% survival rate. Look at Florida with NO masks or vax mandates and they have the lowest numbers in the country! Gov Desantis set up health facilities throughout the state where people can be tested and get therapeutics and NOT be hospitalized! Yes I respect the disease an am careful to be clean and wear a mask but I’m not a Covid phobia freak. Mandates are against our constitution! Stop drinking the koolaid of political manipulation. Fauci should be in jail. I agree Ingo: my body, my choice. Sue their butts off

  36. Ginny Wilcox says

    I hope he sure their a s s es off and wins millions, maybe even owns them and Disney besides!!! Go Ingo! I chose the vaccine but you can bet your bum I wouldn’t let anyone turn me into a sheep! I CHOOSE not you!!! Be careful cancel culture is all about turning you into a sheep! Stand up or lay down, your choice…Btw, I have not posted this before so apparently this website can’t take the truth!

  37. Drewett says

    I also work with someone who is not vaccinated and I’m fine with it. It is his choice. I did get vaccinated, even though it went against what I believe in because I didn’t want to get my unvaccinated, bed ridden mother sick. I made the choice that I thought would be best (even though I feel like I have not been myself since I got the vaccine). I do not feel like we should be calling people names and mocking them because they are of a different opinion. I wish Ingo all of the best.

  38. Frances says

    It’s the smoking issue all over again. I don’t care what you do to your body, whether it’s smoke or no vaccine, it’s what you do to others that I have a problem with. Don’t get the vaccine, leave the show and let’s move on. You have a choice and so do others.

  39. Katherine says

    He is being mistreated by Disney And general hospital. They need to bring him back. Is his body his choice no matter political side of it.

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