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General Hospital News: Michael Easton Gets Real About Why He Was Written Off The Show

Saying good-bye is never easy, especially when you spend so much of your life in this fictional town of Port Charles.

General Hospital News: Michael Easton Gets Real About Why He Was Written Off The Show

And that’s exactly what General Hospital star Michael Easton has been thinking to himself lately, as he’s still coming to terms over the fact that he’s been written off the show.

The actor has been playing Finn since 2016 and says that leaving General Hospital has felt like a rollercoaster of emotions. He also admits that he didn’t expect to be let go in the way that he did.

According to Soap Opera Digest, the actor said, “You do have to remove your ego from it and realize you have a job to do. The last couple of weeks were very raw and very draining.”

He continued, “Every day was emotional, because every day was not only doing the work, it was also [saying] good-bye.”

“I had such a hard time saying good-bye to Jane Elliot [Tracy] and to Josh [Swickard, Chase] and Becky [Herbst, Elizabeth] and everybody that I had come in contact with, so everything was difficult.”

General Hospital News: What’s Next For Michael Easton?

And it happened so fast. I do appreciate the writers giving me so much material going out the door, but from an actor standpoint, I would like to have had just a little more time to add a little more subtlety and a little more nuance to it.”

That said, Michael did have some special parting words for the cast and of course, all of his supportive fans.

He said, “Thinking about my time there, I would think about Sonya Eddy [ex-Epiphany, who passed away in 2022]…”

“I remember giving Tyler Christopher [ex-Nikolas, who passed away in 2023] a hug on his last day on the show.”

“And when I was Silas [the character he played from 2013-15], I remember walking out the door to the parking lot my last day, and the last person I saw was Billy Miller [ex-Drew, who passed away in 2023] and in true Billy fashion, he said something wonderful about, you know, ‘How dumb are these people [for letting you go],’ which was his way of saying, ‘Hey man, I like you.’”

“And I liked him, and Billy’s not here anymore. That perspective has given me a lot of strength in dealing with this.”

Watch this space as we have a feeling there is so much more to come. Until then, let us know what you think by leaving us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below.

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Lynn K
Lynn K
20 days ago

Michael Easton is a great actor, and the storyline could have been developed to include his rehab and sobriety and that some good comes out of pain. . Getting rid of him was poor use of creative license.Very disappointed in the lack of creativity from the writers!

mary Galway
mary Galway
19 days ago
Reply to  Lynn K

We need him to come back soon, and he needs to be back with his little girl, and brother, Tacy and Alexis.

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