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Melania Trump Doesn’t Believe Donald Trump Cheating Rumors

She wants to see the proof and nothing more than the proof. There’s a new report that suggests Melania Trump supposedly still doesn’t believe that her husband Donald Trump cheated on her with a Playboy model and an adult film star. The former president is currently on trial for his hush money scandal for supposedly trying to pay an adult film star to remain quiet about their relationship right before the 2016 election. While some people think that the writing is on the wall, Melania Trump still doesn’t believe that her husband cheated. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Melania Trump Doesn’t Believe Donald Trump Cheating Rumors

Stephanie Grisham, who used to work as Melania’s aide while she was First Lady, says that there’s no doubt the former model is watching her husband’s hush money trial intently. Even though Melania is someone who does pay attention to the finest details, she still doesn’t think that her husband had an affair with an adult film star and a Playboy model. That’s because she hasn’t seen any of the proof of the relationships in front of her.

Grisham put it this way in an interview with CNN, “Melania is very much about proof, show proof. And so if some more damaging stuff should come out that she didn’t know about because of course her husband continues to deny all of the details here, about Stormy especially.”

She continued, “If some other stuff comes out, I think that’ll be really interesting to watch because you can’t really dispute things that are in writing and that’s something she always paid quite a bit of attention to, was proof.”

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Of course, Melania herself has not made any comments about the matter but at this point it’s doubtful that she will. The fact that she’s even stayed with her husband despite all of the infidelity rumors is enough to prove to everyone that she believes Donald. That, or she wants to believe him.

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Vivian Mofgan
Vivian Mofgan
24 days ago

I wish people would let them alone. It will be bad enough if he is found guilty. Why should we keep causing grief by putting ourselves in their business. Do we get joy from everyone else’s hardships ? GOD FORBid.

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