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This Is Why Prince William Wasn’t In Kate Middleton’s Video

Kate Middleton’s cancer announcement has left the world in shock. The Princess of Wales released a video on Friday stating to the world that she was diagnosed with cancer soon after she had her abdominal surgery back in January. But if there’s one thing that a lot of people couldn’t help but wonder, it was why her husband Prince William wasn’t by her side during her announcement. Well, it seems like there was a good reason behind it. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

This Is Why Prince William Wasn’t In Kate Middleton’s Video

According to the Daily Beast, Prince William wanted his wife Kate Middleton to have her moment in the spotlight to tell her story on her own. One source close to the situation even told the Daily Beast, “This was her as a strong woman sharing an innately strong message to the nation. She didn’t need anyone sitting next to her. He has been supporting her and the family in the background.”

What’s more, the insider said that Prince William didn’t want Kate Middleton to make her announcement in the first place, but understood why she had to do it. For months now there were vicious lies that were spread about the state of their marriage. Some even suggested that the Princess of Wales might have been in a coma or that she might have had a mental breakdown, too. 

The tipster further explained, “She did it with his full support and advice, he joined all the conversations around it. On every level he wishes she didn’t have to do it. But it was her decision, it wasn’t begrudged, and he fully supported it.”

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Prince William And Kate Middleton?

Now, as far as what steps Prince William will take next, “All he wants to do is protect his wife and children. The family just want to go away for Easter, spend time together, the five of them, close off from the world and move on.”

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