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Camilla Parker Bowles Cackling Over William And Kate Divorce Rumors?

Royal Family News suggests that someone here might be having the last laugh. While for years Camilla Parker Bowles was the target of a lot of nasty commentary and awful international headlines, it seems like she’s the one and only person in the royal family who has managed to maintain a drama-free existence these last several years. Instead, it’s Prince William and Kate Middleton and even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who have been plagued with numerous unsettled marriages and even divorce rumors. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Camilla Parker Bowles Cackling Over William And Kate Divorce Rumors?

For the last several weeks, there have been numerous reports about how the Prince and Princess of Wales have had a hard time keeping the peace in their marriage. One report even suggested that Kate has to treat her husband William like a fourth child just because he’s had so many temper tantrums behind closed doors. If that weren’t enough, she’s also sick and tired of how condescending he is, and that’s why she’s chosen to do her royal engagements and public appearances on her own.

Over in Montecito, things are no different. There have been numerous reports suggesting that Meghan is frustrated that she and Prince Harry are the laughing stock of the celebrity world. She was hoping to become an American royal, but that hasn’t happened. And even though it might have been the Duchess of Sussex who was so instrumental in trying to keep the royal couple in the spotlight, things have just been falling apart for them. Instead of blaming herself, Meghan wants to blame Prince Harry and his mental health issues.

What’s Next For The British Royal Family?

For Camilla, all of this couldn’t come at a better time. She’s now the Queen of England and living her best life while everyone else is beneath her and miserable. She’s certainly having the last laugh as someone who has not only the best royal marriage, but the best reputation right now amongst the monarchs, too. Do you agree? In the meantime, watch this space.

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