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Days of Our Lives News: Arianne Zucker Speaks Out During Emotional Press Conference

Former Days of Our Lives star Arianne Zucker, who was best known for her role as Nicole Walker, spoke out during a very emotional press conference. As many DOOL fans know by now, the daytime television star is suing the soap’s producers for sexual harassment. She says that she was subjected to verbal sexual abuse by Albert Alarr. But when she went to Ken Corday for help, she was both ignored and dismissed. Now she’s suing Corday Productions, with a lot of people believing that her lawsuit might actually end the daytime television show altogether. Here’s what you need to know.

Days of Our Lives News: Arianne Zucker Speaks Out During Emotional Press Conference

During her press conference, Arianne Zucker prepared a statement and said that she was  “a committed and loyal employee of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, playing the character of Nicole Walker, since 1998.”

The actress then continued,  “I became not just an important character on the show but a mentor, a confidante, a host, a friend and an advocate for those who felt they didn’t have a voice … I became a sounding board for those closest to me, which leads me to my next point. For quite some time, I have seen my female co-workers being sexually harassed, violated and degraded as women by our executive producer, Albert Alarr. I myself have also been degraded, violated and sexually harassed by Mr. Alarr.”

Days of Our Lives News: Arianne Zucker Says She Was Treated Differently

Arianne also said that things had changed for her on the soap soon after she made her complaints. She continued, “My agents received an email with a reduction in pay. A few days after that, my agents received a second request for a reduction in pay. While waiting for the results of the Sony investigation, my character was written off the show for several weeks … My character was eventually brought back in August 2023, thanks to my lawyer, Anahita Sedaghatfar, who had to get involved. However, once I returned to the show, I was treated differently from several of the male crew members close to Alarr, and also by Ken Corday.”

DOOL airs on the Peacock streaming service.

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Barbara McQueen
Barbara McQueen
4 months ago

No one should e treated bad where they work. I hate to her leave but she has every right. I have to say she is the best ant it sure won’t be the same without her. Love you Ari.

J. Miller
J. Miller
4 months ago

Adrianne is an outstanding actress. She makes the show. Please bring her back, without her Days would be boring.


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Peggy Antoniak
4 months ago

I believe in this day and age sexual harassment should be non-issue. What kind of a man would bother to do this to these women? He must have a serious mental problem. They have a right to bring this into the light. They have to take it to court. Women are very tired of having to put up with this in the workplace. It would be a shame if it ended Days but the powers that be should vet these men and check on them by asking the women if they are having issues. Very simple!!

Been There
Been There
4 months ago

I’m glad she stood up to them
They should not be allowed to treat women the way they do. It is hard for women to come forward & demand respect. They are demanded & treated badly because of how the men have behaved & other men protect them. You would think men would learn better, but it just doesn’t happen. They are in power & abuse it. Women have to work together to stop the harassment! Ari is doing the right thing. Hopefully some of the other women will be brave enough to join her & stop the mental & physical abuse. It is not easy, I know… but it is worth it!!!

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