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New Tragic Details About Queen Camilla

It looks like there’s one member of the royal family who is going to have to deal with a lot of changes in the coming weeks ahead, it’s Queen Camilla. That’s because her husband, King Charles, is currently in the hospital after undergoing corrective surgery for his enlarged prostate. Camilla knows that if there was ever a time that she was going to have to step up, it would have to be now or never. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: New Tragic Details About Queen Camilla

There was a lot of controversy surrounding Camilla Parker Bowles getting her “Queen” title rather than just “Queen Consort.” In fact, King Charles was adamant that his wife be called Queen Camilla and not just Queen Consort. Well, Camilla is now going to have to show the world just what kind of queen she is as her husband remains in the hospital.

Now, as far as how long it will take King Charles to recover, no one knows for sure. But reports say that Queen Camilla did visit her husband three times while at the hospital this weekend. No one knows why she had to make multiple visits, but the fact that she did is quite concerning for both royal fans and critics alike.

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Camilla Parker Bowles?

With that said, there’s a very good chance that royal fans will be seeing much more of Queen Camilla in the spotlight. With her husband temporarily out of commission, she will have to put in more work with her royal engagements and public appearances. And of course, she’s also going to have to face all of the criticism that she’s going to get in the meantime, too. There’s also the fact that Camilla is not feeling as energetic as she used to and the pressure to work now is going to certainly stress her out like never before. Here’s hoping that King Charles will be able to get on his feet sooner rather than later. That’s not just for the sake of the monarchy, but for his wife, too.

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