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King Charles Encouraging Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Divorce?

Could this be the reason why he’s trying to lure his son back to the royal fold? Maybe. There’s heavy social media speculation that King Charles and the rest of the royal family might be trying to encourage Prince Harry to pull the plug on his marriage to Meghan Markle. But there seem to be a few different reasons for it. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

King Charles Encouraging Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Divorce?

Does King Charles want Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to divorce? Clearly, that’s what a lot of royal fans can’t help but wonder. While there’s no doubt that the King of England would like to see his son happy, Prince Harry’s marriage is becoming quite the problem for the royal family. That’s because they need him back in the royal fold. But because of Harry and Meghan Markle’s ongoing feud with the royal family back in the UK, there’s no way that  the Duchess of Sussex will ever return to London. And that’s a fact that King Charles knows.

The British Royal Family is in crisis mode right now. Kate Middleton is expected to be out of commission for the next several months because of her health woes. It was reported that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer, although it hasn’t been specified which one. Prince William can’t do all the work on his own, and that’s why King Charles is supposedly pleading with his younger son Harry to return to his royal duties. They need him now more than ever before.

Royal Family News: What’s Next For Harry And Meghan?

But before any of that will happen, significant changes need to be made in Prince Harry’s life. Will he divorce Meghan Markle? It will be hard for him to leave the family life he’s created in California, but at the same time, duty calls. He misses having his father King Charles and his brother Prince William in his life. But at the same time, Harry knows that he will have to let go of something sooner rather than later.

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23 days ago

The royals treat Harry badly. His brother won’t speak to him. His sister-in-law can’t share the life with Meghan because she is jealous. Harry loves them all and he has two beautiful children with Meghan. He wouldn’t have married her if he didn’t love her. They all need to talk and get their grievances out of the way. Move forward and get along for the good of them all. Too many families split apart over nonsense and miss out on memories they could make. Once you are dead it is too late.

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