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General Hospital: Disturbing Details About Nancy Lee Grahn

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn, who is best known for her role as Alexis Davis on the hit ABC soap, has always been a very outspoken soap opera star. However, some of the things she’s said have been quite disturbing for some of her fans, but not all of it, of course. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital: Disturbing Details About Nancy Lee Grahn

Say what you will about her, but she is certainly a very proud person. Nancy Lee Grahn raised her daughter, Katherine Grace, as a single mom. But that never stopped her from pursuing her career and becoming the major daytime television star that she is today. She’s even said in the past, “Very very proud to work  @Disney for what is now 26 yrs. They’ve not only made it possible for me to have my Kate & raise her in a privileged way as a single mom, but they care about women’s health.”

Nancy also added, “I love my job the most because it is the job that gave me the security I needed to greenlight Kate as a single mother, raise her while being able to give her the things I dreamed of giving her, put her through school all the way through college, and will hopefully allow me to spoil my grandchildren. The enormous love & gratitude I have for ABC and Disney for allowing me the privilege of working for them is immeasurable. But the real truth is without the support from all of you, this day would not be what it is. As always, I see you and thank you.”

General Hospital: Nancy’s Many Controversies Over The Years

However, there have also been a lot of times when Nancy has managed to stir a lot of controversy with the things that she has said on social media. Nancy has made it no secret that she definitely appreciates all of the love and support she’s gotten from the daytime television community over the years. However, her political musings on social media has left a lot of her fans on the fence, especially with some of the things she’s said in the past. Back in December 2021, Nancy wrote, “Today’s GOP audience has no credibility. Supporting GOP is supporting obstruction to Democracy. I know Daytime viewers after entertaining them 4 35 yrs. Most r smart, upstanding women w/ compassion & common sense. It’s reasonable that any1 defending the GOP now is gonna get sacked.”

Nancy also started a fight with a reality television star. When Caitlyn Jenner wrote on her Twitter account, “Don’t forget this…Donald J. Trump is in the way between us and them, and that’s all that stands in between us. The deep state is deep! @FoxNews,” it didn’t take long for Nancy to respond. She said, “Shut up Caitlyn. Honestly, you won gold medals, married a kardashian & made millions, rightfully transitioned with worldwide coverage and tremendous support. Kudos to you. Now kindly STFU. You’re now an ungrateful, entitled, obnoxious nuisance.”

She’s also stirred some pretty big fights with some of her former co-stars. Many fans remember when Ingo Rademacher made some comments about their co-star Cassandra James that didn’t rub too well with Nancy. Ingo posted a transphobic mean disparaging transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine. General Hospital’s only transgender star. Soon after, Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted in support of Cassandra James, while also telling the social media world that Ingo Rachemacher was off the show. People Magazine later reported that Rademacher’s last day on GH was on November 22, 2021.


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