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Meghan Markle Parties Yet Again Without Prince Harry

Is this a new pattern? A lot of people couldn’t help but notice that Meghan Markle seems to be spending more time enjoying herself without Prince Harry than with him. In fact, soon after the Duke of Sussex landed in Tokyo for his trip to Japan, his wife Meghan was spotted having the time of her life at the Taylor Swift concert in Los Angeles. Who knew that the duchess was a Swiftie, right? Here’s what you need to know.

Meghan Markle Parties Yet Again Without Prince Harry

According to Page Six, Meghan attended Taylor Swift’s Los Angeles concert on Tuesday night during the same time that her husband Prince Harry was on his business trip in Japan. Apparently, she jammed out to Taylor’s biggest hits with her British best friend Lucy Fraser by her side. And who said that Meghan doesn’t have any more friends? 

And while there’s nothing wrong with having a date night with your best friend while your husband happens to be out of town, a lot of royal fans and watchers have seemed to have noticed that Meghan has been doing this more and more lately. For her birthday, she also spent the day with her best friends as they all went to go see the new Barbie movie for a girls’ day out. Earlier this summer, there were even some reports suggesting Meghan was rubbing elbows with some of the entertainment industry’s elite while hitting up all the major hotspots in Hollywood.

What’s Going On Between Harry And Meghan?

Now, all of this is not to say that there’s trouble in Harry and Meghan’s marriage, but that’s what the majority of critics seem to want to believe. It sure doesn’t help that there have also been rumors suggesting Harry has been spending time apart from his family by staying at a hotel room at an exclusive Hollywood boutique hotel whenever he feels like getting away from everyone. Harry and Meghan certainly didn’t act like this just a couple of months back when they looked like they were always joined at the hip. What’s going on?

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