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Prince William Doesn’t Know How To Dress?

He might be the future king of England, but it looks like he needs some royal tailoring done and stat, too. There’s a new report that suggests Prince William looked anything but like his royal self during this year’s Wimbledon finals. That’s because many eagle-eyed fans noticed that his suit looked like it was too small on him. In fact, it seems like the Prince of Wales wasn’t properly fitted for it before he walked out of the house. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince William Doesn’t Know How To Dress?

According to a new report, fashionistas on both sides of the pond seemed to agree that Prince William was in a league of his own – and make that the bottom league compared to the other royals who were at the annual tournament this year. In fact, it seemed like it was Spain’s King Felipe VI who managed to steal the show.

The Telegraph even put it this way, “Amidst the linen and cotton looks of Wimbledon, King Felipe VI of Spain stole the show. King Felipe faced some stuff fashion competition but one sartorial pretender he needn’t have paid mind to was Prince William who looked disappointingly pedestrian in comparison.”

The site continued, “The hue of Prince William’s jacket was flattering but look closer and you will see that the garment was cut a touch too short in both the body and sleeves. The fabric pulling around the top of his biceps revealed the Prince of Wales had either been doing a lot of press up since he first had the jacket tailored or he bought it off-the-peg.”

Royal Family News: What’s Next For The Prince of Wales?

Of course, Buckingham Palace hasn’t made any comments about the matter but seeing how Prince William is never a fan of criticism, there’s a very good chance that he might pay more attention to what he is wearing the next time he leaves the house. That, or Kate Middleton is just going to have to keep a good eye on her husband.

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