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Prince Harry Left Home Alone As Meghan Markle Hits The Hollywood Party Circuit?

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle having trouble in their marriage? That’s what a new report seems to suggest as it looks like the royal couple have been spending more time apart than together. In fact, it’s being said that Prince Harry is being left alone more and more as his wife Meghan Markle has been hitting the Hollywood party circuit. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Prince Harry Left Home Alone As Meghan Markle Hits The Hollywood Party Circuit?

According to the Daily Mail, royal columnist Richard Eden says that the Sussexes might be dealing with a crisis in their marriage. Meghan wants to go out, while Prince Harry seems to be getting tired of the Hollywood lifestyle and just wants to sit in. For the Duchess of Sussex, she doesn’t seem to mind this, as keeping her husband at home saves her on babysitting fees. 

He puts it this way, “Friends of mine who live near Harry and Meghan are always bumping into Meghan at parties these days. She tends to leave Harry at home.”

Now, whether or not Harry and Meghan are growing apart, no one knows for sure but the internet sure does have a lot to say about the matter. Some critics believe it, some do not. Some have even taken to social media to comment with, “The gaslighting this couple endured after the media frenzy in NYC is astounding. The misinformation and disinformation flooding Twitter and other platforms is so rampant it can only be paid trolls,” along with, “A month ago the British media was saying how much Harry and Meghan are hated and nobody wants to be around them. Now Meghan is partying all the time and Harry is home crying for England. It’s funny and bizarre that they keep changing the narrative, especially in a days time.”

What’s Next For Harry and Meghan?

Another critic wrote, “This young man is completely in love with his wife and she with him. All this noise is because they have no clue about this couple. I really find it hilarious because if you look at Meghan or Harry, they are constantly touching are looking at each other as if they are both in awe of the other. When you have nothing else keep you project your hopes on a couple who pay you dust.”

Tell us celebrity gossip fans, how do you feel about this story? Contribute to the buzz by dropping us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. Also, come back here for all the latest news about your favorite Hollywood and reality television stars right here.



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