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General Hospital Spoilers: Can Dex Keep His Girl and His Gig in the Mob?

General Hospital Spoilers: Can Dex Keep His Girl and His Gig in the Mob?

General Hospital Spoilers reveal Josslyn ‘Joss’ Jacks (Eden McCoy) hasn’t been very transparent with her beau, Dex Heller (Evan Hofer), and he totally knows it. In his heart of hearts, Dex is feeling pretty sure that he doesn’t think Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) deserves to be locked up for his crimes. He just likes the guy too darned much. What’s better is he recognizes the same affection for Sonny in Joss’ eyes; he just needs to get her to admit to it.

She’s putting up a good front pretending this is the right choice, but Dex is going to work to sway her opinion? Why? Because he wants to stay in the mob, and he doesn’t want to lose Joss by telling her so. What better way to get what he wants than to convince her he’s stuck in Sonny’s employ against his own wishes?

General Hospital Spoilers — Joss Wants Dex Out of the Mob, Like Yesterday

Joss is insistent that Sonny needs to be in lock-up. He made his bed and now he should lie in it. It’s convenient that she only started feeling this way after he broke her mother’s heart and devastated his family by coupling up with a traitor like Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). Still, better late than never in Joss’ book. She wants a normal life, absent security guards and the worry that someone is trying to take out someone she loves. That goes for Dex, too, whom she’s totally falling for, deeply. Point blank: Joss doesn’t want to date a mob enforcer. So, the show must go on.

GH Spoilers Suggest Dex Wants to Have His Cake and Eat it too

Dex doesn’t have the nerve to tell Joss the truth — that he wants to stay in the mob and continue to be Sonny’s personal bulletproof vest. He’s keen on learning the ways of the business and climbing the ranks until he can one day work alongside Sonny or perhaps take over his business. Isn’t that where this is headed? A new Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) to groom? Nonetheless, Dex also doesn’t want to part ways with the lovely Joss, which means she needs to think he’s working for Sonny because he has no way out, not because he wants to be.

General Hospital Spoilers: Can Dex Keep His Girl and His Gig in the Mob?


General Hospital Spoilers — They’re Both Biased

Both sides of this lovebird equation can’t get it right. Dex wants to stay in the mob, and so he’s conveniently started to see Sonny in a new and more positive light that warms his heart. On the other hand, Joss doesn’t want to see her family in shambles, but she is personally invested in seeing to it that she has no ties to the mob anymore.

So Dex can’t possibly stay in the role he’s in now. Is Joss really being led by her feelings of justice and what is right for her family, or is this about what is right for her? Is Dex really thinking about Joss’ family either, or is this all about what’s right for him? Let us know what you think, and keep checking back with us for more GH news and spoilers.


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