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Prince William And Kate Middleton Using Prince Louis For Photo Ops?

Is he now the new star of the royal family? Maybe. Royal Family News suggests that Prince William and Kate Middleton might be using Prince Louis for photo ops during their public appearances and royal engagements. That’s probably because of all the attention that he’s been getting from the media lately. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Prince William And Kate Middleton Using Prince Louis For Photo Ops?

It seems as though Prince Louis is definitely becoming a royal fan favorite, and mostly because he’s a little tyle who likes to do things to the beat of his own drum. During King Charles’ coronation ceremony over the weekend, Prince Louis basically stole the show when he kept on yawning in the middle of the procession. And while the moment was certainly cute and did go viral, it looks like some members of the Royal Rota have picked up on the fact that William and Kate might be using Prince Louis for even more attention.

Matt Wilkinson of The Sun usually has something positive to say about the Prince and Princess of Wales, but not this time around. Sharing a video of Prince William with Prince Louis on his lap while working a digger, Matt wrote, “Now come on… this is too much. Prince Louis? In a digger with Prince William?Volunteering at a Scout Hut in Slough as part of today’s Big Help Out?”

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He then added, “Prince Louis with a (plastic) bow and arrow at 3rd Upton Scouts Hut in Slough… it’s his first official engagement. Aged five.”

Of course, many royal fans commented on the matter with, “Royal Family volunteering is for photo ops. Harry and Meghan volunteering is for quantifiable results. Like Invictus, the cookbook, etc,” along with, “Oh look, Royals digging a hole all by themselves. Never been seen before.”

Another critic wrote, “Why can’t the royal children be allowed to grow up without cameras and reporters in their faces all the time. Louis and Charlotte will have plenty of time to play Spare.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter.

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