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Donald Trump Just Made A Huge Mistake When Asked About Barron Trump

It looks like they may not be as close as you’d expect them to be. There’s a new report that suggests Donald Trump might not even know how old his son Barron Trump is as he made quite the mistake when he was asked about the young boy during a recent interview. It has also prompted a lot of critics to wonder just how close Donald is with Barron and whether or not they even have a relationship. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Donald Trump Just Made A Huge Mistake When Asked About Barron Trump

Donald Trump just made a huge mistake when he was asked about his son, Barron Trump. That’s because it appears as though he doesn’t even know how old Barron is or when his last birthday was. During an interview with Miami’s Telemundo 51, the former president was asked about his youngest son. He said, “He’s a very young guy and he’s graduating from high school this year. He’s a very good student, very smart, and I think that’s great and very interesting, too,” Donald gushed. “He’s pretty young, I will say. He’s 17.”

Of course, Donald Trump’s response prompted a lot of people to wonder if he is close with Barron at all. The young man turned 18 back on March 20th. Either Donald totally missed that milestone birthday or he’s just so stressed with his multiple court cases and of course, his presidential campaign. This year has been a year like no other for the New York businessman.

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But with that said, others think that Donald could make more of an effort to get to know Barron a little better. After all, the young boy has expressed some desire to get into the world of politics, just like his famous father. Now, whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen. But until then, Donald is just going to have to remember when his son’s birthday is. 

Tell us, what do you think of this story? Drop us a line in our comments section below with your thoughts. Also, watch this space as we have a feeling there is so much more juicy drama to come.

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