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Coronation News: King Charles Almost Fell From Buckingham Palace Balcony?

Yikes. Royal Family News suggests that King Charles was worried that he was going to fall off from Buckingham Palace’s balcony during his Coronation Day celebrations. In fact, there’s a new report that says the new King of England expressed his concerns to his wife, Queen Camilla, while the two of them were on the balcony together. Apparently, he was scared that he was going to trip or worse, plunge off to the ground. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Coronation News: King Charles Worried He Would Fall Off Buckingham Palace Balcony

Even though he’s stood on that same balcony many times before, King Charles had a moment of panic during his coronation. According to Britain’s Express, professional lip readers say that King Charles Camilla that he “must not get too close” to the edge of the balcony, otherwise he would have given himself a “fright.”

Also, when Queen Camilla began wandering a little too close to the edge, King Charles told his bride “be careful.” Yet, while looking out at the crowd, King Charles also told Camilla, “Oh my goodness, it’s wonderful this is. Look at all these people.”

Many royal fans commented on the matter with, “I think it was more likely he was worried about the crown going over,” along with, “Still laughing at the sight of them in those crowns!!! How did any of them keep a straight face through any of it!!!”

King Charles Almost Fell From Buckingham Palace Balcony?

Another critic wrote, “I doubt that they would have fallen over. King Charles was probably more worried about that big crown on his end. Either way it was a lovely day for the coronation. It’s just too bad that the weather was so glum.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter. But seeing how Charles is now officially the new King of England, we have a feeling that he will get back to work with all of his royal engagements and public appearances soon after all of the festivities are over. Watch this space.

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