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The Young and the Restless News: Eric Braeden Shares An Update On His Status

There’s nothing, and we really mean nothing, that will ever keep him down. The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden, who is best known for his role as Victor Newman on the hit CBS soap, recently shared an update on his status. And by that, we mean he shared a photo of him and his co-star Melody Thomas Scott. As many fans know, Eric announced his cancer diagnosis earlier this year. Here’s what you need to know.

The Young and the Restless News: Eric Braeden Shares An Update On His Status

Eric shared a pic of him and Melody after they finished one of their scenes together. Of course, after he posted his photo on Twitter, it didn’t take very long for his fans to respond. Many of them wrote, “Love the picture of Melody Thomas and you.  Love the fighter that you are on the Y&R and continue your fight with cancer diagnosis and may you win that fight!  I grew up watching you and you’ve always been one of my favorite characters on the show,” along with, “This is a very nice picture. I’ve been watching Y&R since childhood and it’s really comforting to see you both not only still on the show but as a couple on the show.”

Back in April, Eric took to his Facebook page to make the announcement that he began having symptoms while he was recuperating from his knee injury. It turned out that his symptoms were in direct connection to his cancer. The actor said that he experienced a lot of pain when he was working and often went to the hospital for frequent urination. After several tries with a few different doctors, he found out that he has cancer. And while he’s already had surgery to remove the cancer, unfortunately, Eric also found out that he had high-grade and low-grade cancer cells, too. 

The Young and the Restless News: What’s Next For Eric Braeden?

Eric put it this way, “So, that’s where I am right now. I’m a little under the weather, but not really much. I’ve learned, now, to listen to my body more and not go all out.”

But because the man who is best known to be Victor Newman on the canvas is a fighter both on and off camera, Eric said that he is going to continue to go to work, as that’s what makes him feel the best. He said, “I am still happy to be able to go to work. It distracts me. I love acting. I love knowing that I entertain people. And, yeah, I love your support. It means a lot.”

Clearly, even cancer can’t pull this man away from doing what he loves the most.



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