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General Hospital’s Wardrobe Department Criticized For Their Treatment Of Kirsten Storms

General Hospital critics are none too pleased with the show’s wardrobe department these days. That’s because the stylists are being criticized for the way that they are treating Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie on the show. It seems like the people who run the wardrobe are having a very hard time giving Maxie the sparkle and shine that she deserves. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital’s Wardrobe Department Criticized For Their Treatment Of Kirsten Storms

Does Maxie Jones need a new wardrobe? Or better yet, does she need a style overhaul? That’s what General Hospital fans think as her outfits seem to be getting worse by the day!

Many General Hospital fans have taken to Twitter to comment on the matter with, “I need to understand why Maxie is always dressed so frumpily… she needs a whole makeover bc I KNOW this isn’t the Maxinista who knew fashion back in the day. Having a bit of meat on the bones is no reason to never look like anything… #gh needs to do better for the big gals,” along with, “Totally agree with you. She’s half my size and I’m in my 60s and wouldn’t be caught dead in those bulky old-lady sweaters. Maybe I’ll send a few plus-size clothing links (or actual catalogs) to ABC. And they’re killing her makeup too.”

Another General Hospital critic wrote, “I agree, they seem to dress her in sloppy looking clothes, and she doesn’t look happy and sparkly as she used to be. It is one thing to be comfortable on set; it is another for the character, a known fashionista, to be represented – no matter what size she wears.”

General Hospital News: Maxie Jones Deserves Better

So far neither Kirsten nor the wardrobe department of the show have made any comments about the criticism of Maxie’s clothes.

It goes without saying that fans will have to tune in to find out what will happen next! General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times. Watch this space.

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5 months ago

Wardrobe definitely needs to change for Maxie. The bulky sweaters and frumpy blouses just are not doing her any favors! She is gorgeous and her clothes should reflect just that!! And while we are discussing fashion, Laura’s clothes seem to only be blazers and her signature color is black?! Give that beautiful woman some colors to wear! And ditch the long black blazers!!

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