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British Royal News: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix Docuseries Spills More Tea Than The Oprah Winfrey Interview

British Royal News says that it looks like there are people at Buckingham Palace that might be bracing for the worst. That’s because there’s a new report that suggests Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix docuseries spills even more tea than the Oprah Winfrey interview, if that’s even possible. Here’s what you need to know.

British Royal News: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix Docuseries Spills More Tea Than The Oprah Winfrey Interview

While speaking to Oprah back in March 2021, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex alleged that things were so bad behind closed palace doors that they had no choice but to pull the plug on their working relationship with the royal family and start a new life for themselves in California. And that’s exactly what they did. But before that, Prince Harry said that he was cut off by his father, King Charles, both emotionally and financially. Meghan said that things were so bad for her that she contemplated suicide and both also said that there were ‘concerns’ over the color of their unborn baby’s skin.

Well, fast-forward to the present and it looks like Harry and Meghan are about to spill even more explosive tea, if that’s even possible. One Netflix production insider told The Mirror, “I genuinely think it’s going to be worse than the royals can imagine. I’m told that it’s going to be utterly explosive and will be very damaging… A lot of people are either pro-Sussex or pro-William and Kate, but there’s a belief that this documentary will bring people onside with Harry and Meghan.”

British Royal News: What’s Next For Harry and Meghan?

The tipster added, “The big question is that, whatever the revelations are, who will people side with after seeing the show. It has that feeling like the public will have to choose. Whatever comes out, some people will think that Harry is betraying his family and that it’s unforgiveable. But if what finally airs is as seismic as we’re led to believe then it may be good for the Sussexes.”

Harry and Meghan comes out on Netflix on December 8th.

We will update you with all of the latest information as it comes in. In the meantime, let us know what you think with your thoughts in our comments section again. Be sure to catch up with everything on the British Royal Family right now. Come back here often for the British Royal Family news and updates.



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