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General Hospital Spoilers: Producers Will Not Recast Jason Morgan


General Hospital spoilers say that it might be a very long time before fans get to see Jason Morgan on the canvas again, if at all. There’s a new report that says the producers of the hit ABC daytime television soap have decided against hiring a new actor to recast the role of Jason Morgan. The character was last played by Steve Burton, who was forced out of the soap after failing to comply with the network’s vaccine mandate. Here’s what you need to know.

General Hospital Spoilers: Producers Will Not Recast Jason Morgan

According to Variety, there are no plans as of this time to replace Steve Burton with another actor. When the publication had asked a spokesperson from General Hospital if Jason could potentially return, whether it be Steve Burton or another actor, they did not get a response. However, at the same time it is presumed that Jason is dead. His brother Drew (Cameron Mathison) told their mother Monica (Leslie Charleson): “There was nothing left at the last place I saw Jason. There was just a pile of rocks and beams. They had crews on site within an hour, and they had their scanning equipment there. They couldn’t pick up a heartbeat.”

Needless to say, it didn’t get very long for General Hospital fans to weigh in on the matter. Many of them have taken to social media to write, “I have recorded and watched GH forever. I am no longer recording it because the powers that be decided to fire two actors over the vaccine. I am vaccinated—by choice—and I stopped watching GH—by choice. I will resume watching when their policies change,” along with, “Bring him back! I have watched General Hospital sense I was little with my grandma. If you dont bring him back I know of at least 4 of my family members and I am sure many more will quit watching you show!”

Another critic put it this way, “Jason’s character should be recast regardless of the actors status. His role has been important and vital to the show and many viewers. I was extremely happy when Steve Burton returned to his original role. I thought never thought the role could be played by anyone else but since his return, I would rather the role be recast if he can’t return. Too many storylines are left open with him. It just doesn’t make since.”

General Hospital Spoilers: Is Jason Dead?

So far the network has not made any additional comments. In the meantime, let us know what you think by leaving us a line with your thoughts in our comments section below. General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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  1. arsolar clemons says

    Sorry that Steve Burton chose to leave GH instead of getting the shot, which makes no sense to me, myself,my children and my grand children have all been vaccinated, but anyway that was his choice, but the character of Jason Morgan is not in my opinion just another character,he is a very important part of GH and i really hope he will be recast, two characters i would hate to see leave GH is Sonny and Jason, i would of course rather have the original actors but if that is not possible then a recast is better than no Jason at all

    1. Lorna says

      I totally agree to have Jason continue to be on the canvas. Either Steve Burton returns or recast. Jason is Jason and a vital importance to Port Charles. I would certainly welcome a recast if that is what it comes down to. Not like it hasn’t happened before. We like and live with the new Nicolas, Spencer and Drew(Cameron)

      I have been a loyal fan since the character of Laura came on canvas.

    2. Lorna says

      I totally agree to have Jason continue to be on the canvas. Either Steve Burton returns or recast. Jason is Jason and a vital importance to Port Charles. I would certainly welcome a recast if that is what it comes down to. Not like it hasn’t happened before. We like and live with the new Nicolas, Spencer and Drew(Cameron)

      I have been a loyal fan since the character of Laura came on canvas.

  2. Nancy says

    Jason and Ingo should be there on scene….FREEDOM OF CHOICE….not force the issue with job security….God will handle all those playing the mind games with this mandate

    1. Janet says

      I have watched since the very beginning. There is only ONE Jason Morgan. No recast. People should NOT be forced to get a shot by a president who is mentally unstable. He has done nothing but hurt our country and now he’s taking our actors away. GH is now making it look as though evil always succeeds with leaving Peter alive. Remember, all the evil going on in the world – don’t “help” it!

      1. Joy says

        I hope 🙏 they decide to recast the character of Jason Morgan, he’s a fan favorite, or bring him back as a different character. It’s done daily in soaps, why should GH not do it. They brought back Roger Haworth as a different character,

    2. Wendy says

      I dislike Jason is gone over some mandate. I don’t feel anyone should be able to pressure anyone into a vaccine. I do think the story line of Jason should continue even if played by another. Lets see what happens between Brit and Jason.

  3. Valerie Saunders says

    So far they haven’t been able to locate his body…which is ridiculous. So of course that leaves it open for him to return or be recast…..from the dead! I will miss him, he is a major character & I love the story lines he’s part of. I am vaccinated but I agree that it is wrong to fire people for not getting the shots. It’s all political if you ask me. I think GH & the writers messed up with this issue. That is my opinion & I’m standing by it. Good luck GH, you’re gonna need it.

  4. Patricia Mitchell Bryant says

    I believe that Jason should be recast. His storyline is important. It was his decision to leave the role.

  5. jackie says

    I absolutely don’t care for GH anymore
    What happened to our free country and our right to our bodies and what goes in them

  6. Marjorie Butler says

    I have been watching this show so long that I feel like I truly know them personally. And Jason is very favorite character on the show I stopped watching it once before and I guess I will stop again 😭😭

  7. Kris Zellmann says

    We love Steve Burton and want him back, but in the meanwhile please recast the role; Jason Morgan is to important to to many storylines!

    1. Sandy says

      I too have watched GH for many years, app 40. If i wasn’t able to watch each day I also recorded it daily. I do not have the interest to watch anymore. Bad move leaving Steve go.

  8. Li says

    It is APPALING that this program would fire two of their most long running, beloved actors over demands being made by a government who is obviously trying desperately to control our every move. Not to mention the fact that the law is being ignored. Medical decisions are no one’s business. The most that should be asked of these actors is that they get tested. I have been watching this program for 50 years -you will lose me and quite a few of my friends should this decision hold.

  9. Shirley Freeman says

    Supreme Court says it’s a violation of the 4th Amendment to “require” a person to get vaccinated. It was wrong to fire Steve Burton. He is a important part in several story lines. Too many things left undone. I have watched GH for over 53 years and have never been as disappointed as I am right now

  10. Sandra H Haddock says

    I wouldn’t care if they cast joey biden – I’m gone! Just hung around to see what would happen with Maxie and Brando. I’m so done! I watched when Leslie (Monika) began and now it is just like dirty laundry – redirected into more productive activities! Toodle-Loo, GH!

  11. Diane says

    I think Steve Burton is the only character that can play Jason! Hopefully some time in the future the COVID situation will pass, and Steve will still be interested in coming back to GH.

    I have been watching GH from day one, so I have seen Steve since he was a teenager.,I will miss him greatly, but I will continue to watch GH.

  12. Pamela S Walker says

    I cannot believe the viewers have to mourn the character of Jason Morgan again.. He was a bright spot, esp with Brit. I don’t know the exact reasons, of course. If Gov. Newsome hadn’t put in a vaccine mandate, would this have even occurred? I am vaccinated by choice and something that happened to me in the hospital involving a ventilator years ago. , Steve Burton was on.air for a long time (2020) and NOW they just decide he HAS to be vaccinated?
    Shame on GH. I have watched with my Mom since age 14.

  13. JULIA WILSON says

    I think you should recuse Jason. We need him back watcher Steve Burton or someone else .

    1. Betsy says

      Good for you all for wanting everyone to be vaccinated.
      It’s a shame Steve Burton won’t get vaccinated.
      I’m a loyal fan and have been for years.

      1. Kim McCarty says

        I’m absolutely gutted over the loss of Steve and Ingo!!! I will continue to watch just because I’m a loyal fan and have been ever since I was a little girl watching with my mom who’s no longer with me. However, the show will NEVER be the same! I feel that everyone should have the choice whether or not they take the vaccine. It’s a total violation of rights! It’s a sad, sad, disappointing time!!! What’s next… Cancelling the entire show???!!!

    2. Jane says

      I’m very disappointed in your treatment of Steve. Burton. I hope once the vaccine mandate is lifted you will Welcome him back. Jason Morgan is one of your main characters. Don’t ruin GH!!
      I’ve been watching for 55 years an avid fan and will remain one.

    3. Dana Brown says

      Why can’t you just have him tested every week and bring him back on the show the show needs him

  14. Barbara says

    I have enjoyed watching Steve Burton over the years and I’m sad that he was let go. With that being said I don’t believe any actor/actress is irreplaceable. The same fans that say they won’t watch the show since he’s gone will be gone anyway according to their own written words. Recast after an appropriate amount of time that is necessary to find someone new.

  15. Bambi says

    You try and replace Steve Burton you have no GH! Steve is the show fir .any years we watched him grow up on GH! You wanna see this show go down and ratings real fast you keep it up with your mandates on the actors over a vaccine that is untested and does not work you will close the doors right now! Disney because we are gonna boycott Disney and we’re going to get rid of You to go broke! These vaccines are unconstitutional and are killing people you have no right though jeopardize anybody’s life over a vaccine that’s made trillions of dollars for big farmer and politicians🖕 you Disney

  16. christina beason says

    Why don’t yall change your policy and let him return i have watched general hospital since I was a kid with my granny and absolutely love Steve Burton the last time he left it wasn’t the same until he came back if Laura Wright Maurice Barnard and the rest dont have a problem working with him unvaxed then let them work together the ones that have a problem with it then dont have them recording on the same day if you can’t change your policy then please at least consider a recast until things change and steve comes back

  17. Meg says

    If Steve does not return to GH, at least recast so he can continue to help Sonny and everyone that relays on him. Why leave his son without a father?
    Sam already cares more about sleeping with people than how her son will feel about losing his dad.

  18. Jean wright says

    So many people want Jason back (Steve Burton) GH will not be the same without him

  19. Tracy Gratton says

    Yes bring back Jason and Jax! And the actors who played them! They can’t be recast! I have been watching GH since the 70s! I’m a loyal fan who have seen some of my favorite people come and go. But I especially love Steve Burton!

  20. Sherryl Bowman says

    I’d like to see the character recast. It’s hard to imagine Jason not being Steve but there is too much story to tell to continue without Jason. We can get used to a new Jason.

  21. Doris Ball says

    Jason not dead he will be back for xmas

  22. Helen says

    I think they should recast the role of Jason Morgan. If in the future things change and you can bring Steve back into the role, bring him back, but in the meantime, allow someone else the opportunity to work. Just find someone who looks similar to Jason.

  23. Karen E Barclay says

    When they loose their ratings maybe the network will realize what a BIG mistake they have made!
    Had watched GH for 30yrs. S.B. character is needed for the show, and only he can pull it off. ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END! End of an Era.
    Stopped watching, looking at another network.

  24. Gail Verdon says

    You need to Bring Steve Burton back as Jason. I am so disappointed that the freedom of whether or not to get vaccinated can cause someone to lose their job. Steve Burton is paramount in the role of Jason. So many storylines rest on him and his character! Bring Steve Burton BACK!

  25. Annie says

    I am also NOT watching GH anymore after nearly 40 years. The 3 Most important characters on the show for ages now are-SONNY, CARLY AND JASON!!!!! And Steve Burton OWNS the role of Jason as was proven when they tried recasting him with Billy, who is an Excellent actor! I am vaccinated and have received the booster as well because I CHOSE THAT! Freedom of choice is one of the reasons soooooo many lives have been lost in wars and several have been friends. Mandating vaccines is grossly unjust and goes against Everything this country stands for! Bring Steve back and stop trampling on our rights.

    1. Anita says

      After over 50 years of recording GH daily, I choose to no longer record it! Yes I am vaccinated, I choose to do so! I even got my booster! But it should be a choice!! The actors should have harder policies to follow to protect yours but it can be done! And their rights should not be taken away!! So, I stand with freedom of choice!

    2. Deborah Bradley says

      Please bring Steve back

    3. Darlene Scott says

      Bring Jason back-I will be another that quits watching GH if you don’t-sonny-Carly & Jason has to stay-vaccinated should be our choice and not shoved down our throats

    4. Kikate says

      Agreed. I won’t watch again until they right the wrong they did to Steve and Ingo. Bodily autonomy is a human right.

    5. Sam says

      I’ve been so upset over Steve and Indgo ( did I spell his name right?) I really wish they could stay. I’m so glad they have stood up for their beliefs and wish we had more like them in the entertainment industry. I had quit watching when Steve left the last time started back when I heard he was returning. . I have watched Wednesday’s Thanksgiving episode but haven’t seen any this week.

    6. Jana says

      I agree with Annie. Steve Burton IS Jason Mirgan. I have been a loyal follower of GH only since Steve Burton was brought back to reprise the roll after the producers tried to replace him. I have no interest in continuing to watch now that Mr.Burton is gone.

  26. Roald Frankenfield says

    Bring Steve back and no one else in his place shame on you for playing politics And I am done watching

  27. Marcy says

    General Hospital will become very boring if the character Jason Morgan does not return. He is the best and most honorable “stone cold mob enforcer” on TV.

  28. Dorothy says

    Bring him back! You can just test him everyday and make sure he is Covid free! What you are doing is crazy! By the way, I am vaccinated, but it should be a choice!

  29. Deianna says

    No Steve Burton as Jason Morgan, then there will not be any General Hospital on my TV until Steve Burton returns to GH.

  30. ANNE says

    I agree with everyone else. I stopped watching when Sonny was not back for nine months!! NOW!! it’s Jason, Im also vaccinated but I believe it should be a personal choice and not pushed down our backs!!! I don’t lie the character Drew either, just doesn’t fit.

  31. Diane says

    It would appear to with all these different variants that are going around he would want get it to protect the people around him

  32. Linda says

    I’m So Upset over the loss of Jason, why can’t you test him everyday that he’s on site!! I wonder if you asked the other Actors how they feel, as long as he’s tested everytime his role is played !! Annie above has a Great Reason about GH, Sonny & Jason go together like salt & pepper, and no-one can replace him either!! I’ve been a Fan of GH for well Over 40yrs., and this will probably be my last !! Since the accident where Jason was killed I’ve had GH on but did housework, Paid Bills, not paying attention to the TV like when Jason is on!! It’s the whole package Jason has storylines with CARLY, BRITT, Monica, Sam, SPINELLI, SONNY, his children, and many more !! So he’s more than just one storyline, so Get With It GH, and bring Jason Back….

  33. Pauline Kuckowicz says

    It’s hard for me to think about not having Jason on the show. It’ll never be the same. I’m really disappointed with this situation and hopefully one day he will return.

  34. Kathy Polley says

    I think GH execs are wrong in letting Ingo and Steve go! If the courts say the president can’t mandate why can they?! I think it’s a bunch of malarkey! You’ll lose lots of viewer and a couple of your bigger draws. Bad move GH!
    Disappointed viewer

  35. Elly says

    He should be recast at some point, he wont be rolling up his sleeve anytime soon if at all. And I will still watch GH.

  36. Donna says

    Cannot believe they’re doing this!!!! Steve Burton as Jason Morgan IS GENERAL HOSPITAL!! They should know that viewers and ratings will plummet. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?? Your viewers deserve answers and I for o w would like to know why when he asked for both religious and medical exemptions?? GH is one of few tv programs that I and many others look forward to watching and have been loyal viewers for more than 30 years. Many times when the storylines were BORING Jason Morgan was what kept me watching GH. It just seems their should be a better resolution. If not, I and many other viewers will not be watching!!

  37. Randi Chikofsky says

    I am fast forwarding any scenes with NLG. She instigated this and two people lost their jobs. She should be ashamed of herself. I wonder if she has a conscience. Sadly this pandemic has broken dreams, destroyed families and caused a myriad of issues. It should be noted that testing was available and if an actor displayed any symptoms they were put on leave.

  38. Terry says

    I think that Steve Burton should follow the safe route and get the vaccine. He should set an example of protecting your fellow American in any way possible. I really like him on the show but I don’t think he should use the vaccine as a trading point.

  39. Sharon Griffin says

    While I understand and respect the opinions of others, I strongly disagree on this subject and I have watched GH since its inception! Personal freedoms stop at the point that they put others at risk! I believe TPTB are justified in their decision to terminate Steve Burton and Ingo Rademaker for noncompliance! At some point, one must recognize their responsibility to protect the lives of others. I pray that both of these actors have a change of heart because their stand on personal freedom is endangering people who are high risk, and along with the anti-vaxxers, enabling this deadly virus to spread and mutate. The bottom line is this: There are well over 700,000 victims of covid who would testify, if they could, that what is at stake is far beyond personal freedom; it is about humanity’s ability to exist or to be wiped out by a cruel and relentless virus. Vaccination and masks are the only weapons currently available to us with which to combat our common enemy!

  40. Cheryl says

    I understand the rules! This pandemic will never end until the vast majority of people ARE vaccinated! Being in that close position of an Actor DOES endanger others. I still watch my favorite soap, even though I do miss Steve B. jmo

  41. Alice says

    I used to have to watch general hospital daily but since the firing of Jason Morgan and Jax. I haven’t watched the show at all. And I don’t think I will watch it anymore, it terrible to lose your job over getting a shot. What ever happen to freedom of choice.

  42. MaryKay says

    When the pandemic was at its worse, you managed to keep the actors apart at a safe distance. Why couldn’t that have been done instead of firing Steve Burton. Do you even understand what damage you have done. A lot of people will stop watching GH. And why didn’t the remainder of the crew stick up for him & defend him? Some kind of compromise could have happened. I believe in the vaccine. But it is his decision.

  43. Jean P. Goodsell says

    My vote is to recast. A very definite please do it.

  44. Carolyn Stowell says

    So disgusted with GH. Now the favorite, Jason is gone, let him make up his mind about the shot, he ask for medical or religion, both denied!!! You are very wrong!! Now the new Spencer is terrible, and the little girlfriend of his is disgusting also. Many of us out here wait every day for our favorite story, and relate to it. The storyline is so old about Peter, kill him off and get on with the story. It took forever to bring Sonny back, you need new writers!!! I am not alone out here, may have to give up my favorite show of 40 years, and it is coming to that soon!!!!

  45. Kathleen Collins says

    I love Steve Burton as Jason but he was a major character in General Hospital. HIS character should be recast. If or when he comes back he can resume the part.

  46. Mary D. says

    If you don’t bring Jason back ,you would just have another story pushed to the back a lot of us viewers along with fans really wanted to see him and Britt’s story is replace him (to many unfinished stories

  47. Michele Ketchem says

    The vaccine is a person’s personal choice.
    To fire someone over it is childish. A person can get the virus with the vaccine as much ad without it. Plz bring steve back and let him and Britt fall in love.

  48. Judy says

    I have watched General Hospital before Luke and Laura over 50 yrs and now you choose to take Steve burton off,,are you crazy ,on my site I’ve seen over a 1000 women andMen who say they will stop also. You people will lose credits and I promise I’ll go watch something else he makes the show ,,open your eyes,,you lost Luke don’t lose the best. With Jason you got the best group of actors don’t be stupid and lose the best bring him back

  49. Cowgirl says

    Bring Steve Back No Recast .. Also I started to lose interest in a show I have watched forever when the writers stopped writing for Jason & Sam GH desperately needs couples that no matter what they stay together. Then they decided to have Sonny lose his memory.. & try pair him with Nina that was a mistake !!! Stop ruining Great couples . As a soap fan I watch for core characters that can stay together!!! Sam & Dante was horrid.
    Get some writers who respect couples History & Understand that there has to be some couples that stay together.. that is why I have watched GH so long..

  50. Pam says

    Bring back billy Miller to play Jason Morgan he did an awesome job when he thought he was Jason but turned out to be drew

  51. Sherry Huisman says

    I loved Steve Burton as Jason. I do think they should recast the role of Jason if there’s ever a chance Steve will be back. But if there is no chance he’ll be back, then he should be dead. He, as well as others have come back from the dead way too many times and it’s almost becoming a joke. The writers need to come up with new storylines and finish the old ones.

  52. Laurie says

    I think ‘Jason’ should be recast. People will get used to the new actor, as they eventually do with others who have been recasted. There’s a lot of ‘Jason’ history and a story line to continue with.

  53. Dalia Coubert says

    I think they should leave it open. Let him be presumed dead until this crazy mandate stuff is over or reversed and then bring him back. There are many ways they could do that! No one is Jason except Steve. We love him and miss him and Ingo already!

  54. Abby Garner says

    I also started watching GH with my mom as young teen in 1974 and my mom watched it with my grand ma the way the producers kicked Steve Burton and Ingo R. To the curb is showing they have no loyalty. They had take Steve at his word that for religious reasons he should have been exempt again no freakin loyalty. I have 6 sisters who love the sonny and jason duo, in going to convince them to stop watching GH to. We will show our loyalty to them .

  55. Diane Cooksey says

    Recast Jason Morgan or I just can’t watch it anymore

  56. Meg says

    I quit watching gh after they messed with Franco and Liz then sonny and nina that now Jason I’m done

  57. Deborah Lynn Glynn says

    Leave Burton home. He chose no vaccine and therefore jeopardizes his coworkers. Characters come and go on soaps. Its a job for them. He can more on to next job and GH can move on without him just fine.

  58. Andria Williams says

    I totally agree with the others. Jason Morgan is definitely vital to GH. It will not be the same show and will lose ratings. You may even lose other key people due to this decision. I’m heartbroken I’ve been a GH fan for many years and not sure if I can continue. Please reconsider

  59. Carol says

    You do not want to recast Jason. It would just not work with anyone but Burton. Maybe Peter dragged Jason out. Who knows . Stranger things have happened.

    On a different subject. Please wake LuLu up!

  60. Rebecca Harrison says

    I have watched all of the episodes of GH. Steve has been Jasonto a point that recasting that role is a terrible idea. Jason rising from the dead has happened before and would follow his role. I sincerely hope the producers see what the fans see. Steve should return and soon.

  61. Sheila says

    Steve Burton IS JASON MORGAN!! Hopefully he will return from the dead and the Mandate will be lifted or negotiated. Politics has no place in entertainment and this is still America and freedom of choice is everyone’s right including Steve. We need Jason back and Steve Burton is Jason. #TeamSteveBurton

  62. Susanne says

    I’ve been watching GH since High School. I deleted GH from my recording and will not watch anymore!! Freedom of choice should not cause a person to lose their jobs and we should not be forced to get a vaccine we don’t want and have respect for peoples religious beliefs!!

  63. Toni says

    Plenty of vaccinated people will be getting Covid. Your mandate is stupid! And at some point be judged unconstitutional. Stop thinking like a left Californian. Your show is National!

  64. Lisa says

    I hate to see Jason go. I had hoped mandates would change and he would come back later. No one can play Jason better than Steve .

  65. Sharon says

    I respect the producers for carrying out the mandate and letting go whoever chose not to get vaccinated. That was their choice. However, the producers did the right thing for the rest of the cast and crew by not allowing unvaccinated people to work on the set and protect everyone’s health. End of story.

  66. C. Schroth says

    Absolutely ridiculous…..too many story lines that Jason is involved with. I was devastated the last time he left. Alexis needs to be the one to go with her push for the firing of Jax and probably Jason too….this is America and no one should be forced to take a jab if they don’t want it…. he had Covid so he has the antibodies which are more effective than the vaccine. Poor choice GH!!!

  67. Carla Benefield says

    Bring jason back . I have been watching General Hospital for 40 years also. He is great in is spot. As long as the other actors don’t care keep him. I don’t want him recast. Bad move to kick him out. I really enjoy him.

  68. Carol Joan Gordon says

    If Jason does not come back, I will be unhappy and I do not want a replacement for Jason. I was unhappy with Sunny being Mac but I am happy that he is back. I wish that he had more black hair. He looks better with more black hair. Jason and Sunny are my favorite and the reason for me watching GH.

  69. June says

    If they are so worried about the vaccine, take it yourself and don’t worry about the ones who choose of their own free will not to take it. If you took it yourself then you should be protected if the vaccine works. This is about freedom. Bring back Jason Morgan.

  70. Lori Shiltz says

    Few years ago when he left he said he didn’t want to play the part of Jason. But after a few years away he was back. Now he gets fired for not getting vaccinated. This will give him a choice of going on doing something else and if he wants to place Jason he needs to get vaccinated. So he has a choice.

  71. Carolyne Henley says

    The role is too important to the storylines. No actor should be given that kind of control. Just like Steve Barton formed into that role another actor will too. The Internet is buzzing that he is going back over it too young and the restless and just using this as an opportunity. You are the powers that be, so act like it.

  72. Marianne says

    Please bring Jason back soon. This can work out he can get tested once a week. Plus he already had covid. Vaccine. Vaccince or no Vaccne you can still get COVID. Enough said bring Jason Back. Steve Burton only he is not replaceable

  73. Barbara Johnson says

    I also think Jason should return. I thought he and Britt were going to be together and she was going to have a baby. I was looking forward to this duo. I read this on dirty laundry. Jason is a very important part of the drama. Please reconsider and bring him back. I really don’t see the reasoning behind bringing Drew back. Is this the end of GH?

  74. Lizzy Gannon says

    The show is not the same the void is huge Jason must come out of the rubble!!! I’ve been watching since I was 13! Soon to be 62, on December 7! GH is boring storylines are sad and boring! Get rid of Spencer, Esme, Nina, Peter, Maxie, Monica, Cameron, …bring back Jason Diane, more Ava…

  75. Kathy says

    Sunny, Jason, and Carly are my favorite characters on General Hospital! The show will not be the same without Jason! Carly needs her best friend back!!

  76. Shirley Weber says

    I love Steve Burton as Jason but if he can’t return they need to recast for the storyline or else it’s just crap!!

  77. April says

    Yes I will do believe that Steve has a right to his own opinion and his own say about his online if he wants to take the vaccine or not but I think if he’s not willing to come back they need to replace it because we need Jason Morgan back and that’s that’s the fax is so many on and done storylines we need Jason with for it and we need Jason back so I think they should recast him and I’m sorry he left but I’m not gonna quit the show I like General Hospital and yes I was glad that he came back but and yes I would love to see him come back but if he’s not gonna come back please do a recast someone with his dark blue eyes and make it look like a Quartermaine and just bring him back because he’s one of the most important characters of the show Jason Morgan is an icon on General Hospital it’s not the actor it’s the character itself and yes Steve Burton did a wonderful job playing him but Jason Morgan is an icon character on General Hospital just like his mother Monica and I will hope they do recast him and bring him back

  78. Elvee El says

    Bring back Jason. Steve Burton. I quit watching.

  79. Cynthia says

    Jason is more important to general hospital than Nina. The Sony, Carly, Nina storyline has gotten so boring till I have stopped watching. Jason kept so many families on the show interesting…… Man of few words but Wiser than all. I was sure the writers would finally give him a mate (Britt)!that was deserving of him and push that whiney Carly back over there to see to her own husband. And how many times can Nina just do what she wants and get away with it. Sit her A** down somewhere. She is so boring. Better yet bring Jason and Morgan back together.

  80. Marjorie Marks says

    I have watched general hospital over 50 years. I’m vaccinated but I never have been for flu. Never have had flu. I’m really disappointed u are demanding your views on your actors and actresses. So me with 11 people I no after years and years wont be following general hospital any longer I’m sorry to say. I feel it’s a personal choice for us all too not to approve of your rules for your actors. That’s why it’s a choice were in a free country.

  81. Audrey Campbell says

    I have been watching general hospital for over 45 years and I’m upset about Jason and jacs leaving the show they are 2 of the reasons I watch. Please have the right to choose to be vaccinated I am vaccinated but choice and because of my underlining health problems and got Covid-19 after I was Vaccinated!!!! I hope u bring them back they are part of general hospital family 💯💯💯

  82. Tammy Starr says

    I Do Not feel that anyone shoud be forced to be vaccinated to keep their jobs. Steve Burton owns the character of Jason and he should be brought back same as the Gentleman that plays Jax ( sorry can’t remember his real name) I always believed that the United States was a Free Country, but to many rights/ freedoms have been taken way So Sad!

  83. Jones Sandra says

    Steve Burton should comply with the mandate. All the cast members have complied with the mandate. I don’t see why he should be exempt from being vaccinated. Everyone wants to be protected from the virus. I’m sad to see him go but if he doesn’t comply see you later.👋

  84. Linda Vecchio says

    I think the producers should let Steve Burton back as Jason because he has a right to choose not to have the vaccine

  85. Rita says

    I would like a recast of Jason

  86. Emily Compito says

    I have been a loyal GH fan since 1974 and record all episodes. I have canceled my recordings and will no longer watch GH until this Mandate is reversed and Steve returns to his role as Jason. Numerous friends and family members are doing the same, although we have always enjoyed GH we feel this was unjust. Just for the record, 90% of us are vaccinated and are not punishing the 10% that chose not to be. This is American, The Land Of The Free!

  87. Carol says

    I started watching GH with my Mother when Steve & Audrey Hardy and her sister Lucille were on the show. Once I was off to College, I refuse to have any classes during GH time slot. Then the VCR was invented and I was much better. Over the next 40 years, I have watched GH and have mostly enjoyed all the story lines until now. I can watch GH, without the Sonny character, this I thought would never come out of my mouth, however, if there is no Jason Morgan character on GH. This is when my watching my soap opera will end. Jason is THE main CHARACTER next to Carly and Monica. Please bring back Jason Morgan character.

  88. Lesa says

    Not only have I stopped watching GH. I’ve stopped watching anything on ABC or Disney. I cannot and will not support a company that enforces these types of mandates. Mandates that the court already deemed unconstitutional and prohibited Biden from issuing.
    Trust that I will seek out other companies they hold and avoid those as well. I will encourage others to do the same. Not that it will take much. The country as a whole are fed up.

  89. Halley says

    Noone can replace Steve as Jason, they tried with Billy Miller and that failed, and not because Billy was a bad actor, it failed because noone else can really fit as Jason, Steve created Jason even though the writers came up with the character Steve made Jason’s character real, and noone else can do it. Billy is an excellent actor and as soon as they made him Drew I absolutely loved him, you got to see how good he is, there’s just noone else that can fill the role of Jason Morgan

  90. charles david haskell says

    Please forgive me but I got a bad feeling that down the road that the GH show will change their mind and recast Jason Morgan with a new actor. They will try to get a new actor who looks like Steve Burton to play Jason Morgan. Let be real until the current covid-19 deal is changed/allow an actor to come work in the GH studio, I won’t see Steve Burton play the role again.

  91. Eugenia Hardin says

    I will ot watch General Hospital anymore thanks to your stupid vaccine mandate he has the right to his own opinion just like I do and I’m NOT GETTING MINE EITHER It’s wrong he has his rights to he has been on GH every since I was a little girl and I’m 58 years old so by you firing him not only will I watch GH anymore YOU SUCK!!!!!!!, To Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) I love you and àre gonna miss you on the show I grew up watching you maybe someone that don’t hold the shot against you will fire you I know this is not the end of your career your talented and you will go far.


    why are there no greek actors/actresses playing the role(s) of greek characters, seriously?

  93. Alice says

    please bring Jason, back we love Jason is story line is very important, to Carly ,Sonny, Britt, and his son.

  94. Lora says

    No company nor person has the right to make someone put something in their body that they don’t feel right about. This a free country. I chose to get the shot because I felt it was right for me, on the other hand if a person doesn’t think it is right for them then that is their right. The vaccine only protects YOU, not anyone else. Bring Steve Burton back as Jason and stop all of this nonsense..

  95. Bill says

    This shows freedom of choice is a joke. Give up your career if you don’t take shots and boosters that now are not working People who have done everything demanded are getting the virus still. It’s a shame that ABC feels it’s their right to control l their employees and screw their viewers by firing actors who stand up for their rights. I wish the best for Steve and his family and hopefully things turn around but this virus is here to stay like the flu and common cold. And I have never heard of any of those needing a shot to keep your job

  96. Doreen Burk says

    I’ve been watching g h since I was 12 I’m now 60 no one can play the role of Jason Morgan like Steve Burton. I’m extremely upset this vaccine mandate is a personal choice he had covid the people that get the vaccine should not be worried about the ones that didn’t they’re protected remember, you should bring him back and let him resume his job his livelihood and Jax also!

  97. Pamela Willus says

    I love love love Jason and No One can take his place don’t recast him please. I do understand it was his choice not to get Vaccinated sthat ended his role Sad for him his right to choose has cost him his Job. But as you see people Love Jason and it’s hard to see he not there but leave it as that people die and real life with unfinished business. So let him go with unfinished business. And just maybe he will take the shoot and come back or not. We will always love Jason

  98. Josie Holland says

    I’ve been watching General Hospital for a while and I’ll no longer watch be watching General Hospital and once my Disney + expires I’ll no longer renew my subscription. Disney/ABC has no loyalty to there employees so why should we be loyal to them.

  99. Linda Lawrence says

    Please bring Steve back back or recast him to keep the Jason character going until maybe Steve can return

  100. wanda holland says

    I know Steve will be back in time! General Hospital will never be the same without him and the producers know it! There are so many actors on General Hospital that have been on for many years and they also make the show great! Don’t give up hope! We love Steve and Pray for his return soon!

  101. Jae says

    I love Jason Morgan abs Steve Burton playing the part. Please BRING HIM BACK. He makes the show and I want him and Britt to get together. You cannot do this to his fans and to the show.

  102. Lyneice says

    I stopped watching gh months ago for first time in over 40 years bc of the terrible many lingering storylines. I’m still recording and reading updates in hopes things change. But as for Steve Burton, As much as I like him as Jason. It’s not the Steve Burton show nor is it his company. If you can’t follow company policy then leave or be fired. Duhh. Simple as that.. it doesn’t matter where you stand on vaccine mandates. I worked as a manager for many years and have had to fire an employee regardless of how good or well liked they are for not following rules. Who agrees with all policies?? If Steve Burton prefer to work at a company with policies he can pick and choose which one to follow,, he should start his own business and let his employees decide which policies to follows. See how that works for him. Sorry to see him go but it was his fault. I hope gh reconsider and recast. Everyone is replaceable.

  103. Vicki says

    I have been watching GENERAL HOSPITAL since Laura and Luke got married and when Jason came back I was so glad but letting them they were so great actors they will be miss. Until u bring them back I am not watching GH. Bring JASON MORGAN (STEVE BURTON,

  104. Terrie says

    I’m very disappointed that you have gotten rid of Jason …I have stopped watching General Hospital because of this decision..I will not watch this show again until Jason comes back weather the old or new ….I loved him and Britt

  105. Carole says

    I have watched GH since the beginning when I was very young. I watched with my mom in the afternoon when she got home at 3:00.
    I am a bit bewildered by this whole Steve Burton thing. First, WHY would leave a career that you love for a shot? Seriously? (And makes a nice living)
    But anyway, he is gone and the soap and all of the viewers will find their own way.. But one thing is very clear for me … I would NEVER stop or start watching a tv show for 1 character! There is a lot going on in other SL’s!
    So, VIEWERS when you write to ABC to say that they have lost you as a viewer, the rest of us are laughing. Do you actually think that a major network and a top rated show will change everything for YOU? Oh and don’t read this and get all blustered! I don’t care! They may find NEW viewers that are more interested in things related to GH besides the mob!

  106. Donna says

    I think they should recast Jason Morgan. Every one is replaceable as we have seen over the years, I have watched GH since 1970 and have loved Steve Burton as Jason, but I agree that if he didn’t want to get the vaccine, then he should be let go.

  107. Mickens Michelle says

    I love Steve playing Jason but if he can’t play him anymore then they need to recast him.. I’ve been watching since I was a kid and now I’m 55 and as mush as people hate when there’s a recast I think they will prefer Jason back then having him dead so please recast him.. gh will not be the same with Jason gone

  108. Nancy says

    Bring them back and let them test weekly. I have been watching the show for as long as it’s been on and Jason (Steve Burton) is an important character. This is ridiculous.

  109. Susie says

    I liked Jason, hope his part will be recast, but for what ever reason he is no longer there, ( which we all know was his decision, not to do what is good for everyone) but that’s his right. But I still love the show and will continue to watch.

  110. Charlene says

    What happen to “my body my choice” I am vaccinated only because my my drs strongly suggesting it because of being immune compromised To fire anyone from the show is just plain stupid in my opinion You need to bring back Steve Burton, or you’ll be losing a lot of viewers, he’s a major (and important) character on the show So do the right thing and listen to your viewers This mandate stuff is out of hand

  111. Amy says

    GH will never be the same without Jason Morgan, bring him back

  112. Lisa says

    Bring back Steve Burton the sexy man who plays Jason. Do not bring back anyone else because we don’t want anyone else. The producers don’t realize how many viewers they are going to loose with him not in the show. He’s an amazing actor and needs to be brought back to work with Britt. They were going to be a great super couple and now you just broke them apart. Your just going to throw her in with someone else that’s just ridiculous. Put her back with Jason and let them be a couple stop messing up storylines. Start making a great soap like you were instead your killing all your viewers and your going to loose a great soap opera more and more. Producers wake up and look at what your doing and start doing your job. Do you want loyal fans or not?

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