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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Dr. Mark Greene Lying About His Sexual Orientation?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Dr. Mark Greene Lying About His Sexual Orientation?Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers note Dr. Mark Greene (Jonah Robinson) made a splashing debut on the soap during the week of June 10.

He not only “ran” into Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) in the town square, but he also performed a prenatal visit on Chanel DiMera (Raven Bowens).

The Greene family is growing by the second in Salem. Fans were initially introduced to Tate Black’s (Leo Howard) bestie, Aaron Greene (Louis Tomeo), who happens to be the older brother of Felicity Greene (Kennedy Garcia), the young lady who has a fascination with baking and Sweet Bits. The good doctor seems to be the oldest of the Greene crew.

So, what’s this family’s story?

Days Spoilers: Leo Stark’s Gay-dar Was WWAYYYY Off

DOOL spoilers note that in the Wednesday, June 12 episode, Mark was on a run and had stopped because he was desperate for some water.

Leo, sitting in Horton Square at a table had a tall glass, so the good doctor asked if he could take it since he was teetering on dehydration.

They had a nice conversation, and Leo went in for the kill to ask him out. Mark was kind but did reject Stark as it seems he’s solely interested in females, not men.

Leo was surprised; was his gay-dar no longer working? For whatever reason, Leo believed Mark was gay, but Mark made it clear he wasn’t.

Was Mark lying or is Leo slipping? Stark would move on to seek some therapy from Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) after the incident as he was feeling unlovable.

DOOL Spoilers: Is Dr. Mark Greene More Than Just An Older Brother?

Fans have met Aaron, Felicity, and Mark, but no one has yet to see their parents. The trio seem like close siblings; Mark knew all about Chanel and Sweet Bits, and there were some cute sibling scenes between Felicity and Aaron recently too.

What if Mark is gay but afraid to reveal it to his parents? His siblings would likely support him, but what about mom and dad?

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Dr. Mark Greene Lying About His Sexual Orientation?

Then again, what if Mark is the sole caretaker of Felicity and Aaron? As there’s been no mention of their parents, he could be the one taking care of his siblings.

This is a job in itself, and it doesn’t seem as if Mark has a partner or love interest to help with the workload of parenting a teen and child with differing abilities.

He may also be bearing the financial brunt of taking care of his siblings, which means he has to focus on work, and not having a social life.

Being a doctor is a lucrative career; however, taking care of kids is expensive! If he has a one-family income, perhaps that was the reason for the lie.

Then again, if he’s off the cusp of a bad relationship, maybe he’s afraid to date again and the lie he told was simply a way to nip anything in the bud and move on!

Could Leo’s new love interest be Mark Greene? Was the doctor telling a fib?! Comment down below. Cath the popular Peacock soap regularly to stay on top of all the drama in Salem and check SS often for the best Days of Our Lives spoilers, updates, and news.


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