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Kate Middleton Is Being Pressured To Leave The House Despite Her Cancer Battle

She just can’t catch a break no matter how many times she tells the people around her that she needs one.

Kate Middleton Is Being Pressured To Leave The House Despite Her Cancer Battle

Of course, we are talking about Kate Middleton. There is heavy speculation that suggests the Princess of Wales is being pressured to leave the house despite her cancer battle.

As many royal fans are are of by now, the Princess of Wales is currently undergoing treatment for her cancer battle. 

While it has not been disclosed what kind of cancer she has, it’s serious enough that Kate Middleton has been behind closed doors ever since she was hospitalized back in January.

Kate has only made one appearance since then and that was to announce her cancer back in March just so all of the speculation about her whereabouts would stop.

What’s Next For The Princess Of Wales?

Well, that clearly didn’t work well enough as people still want to see her.

Some critics can’t believe that she’s being forced to make another appearance and this time at Trooping the Color.

Of course, Prince William doesn’t think it’s a good idea either but at the same time he can see where his wife is coming from.

She just wants to put an end to all of the rumors about her health but unfortunately the palace is not helping by keeping quiet.

That’s why she thinks the only way she can show the world that she is winning her cancer battle is if she puts her best face forward and in public.

 So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter although at this point it’s doubtful that anything will be said.

Plus, this is her life. She’s sick and tired of all the speculation and online chatter about her cancer battle.

That’s why she wants to set the record straight without having to say anything at all.

And the only way she will do it is by going to Trooping the Color.

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