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Kate Middleton Disgusted Over Queen Camilla’s Relationship With Rose Hanbury

This certainly does feel like a betrayal, no matter how many different ways you try to spin it.

There’s a new report that suggests Kate Middleton is feeling disgusted over the fact that Queen Camilla is spending a lot of time with Rose Hanbury.

Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Kate Middleton Disgusted Over Queen Camilla’s Relationship With Rose Hanbury

As many royal fans can recall, it was Rose Hanbury who reportedly had an affair with Kate’s husband, Prince William.

The palace had died all of the reports and rumors, but that still didn’t stop the internet from speculating about what might have really happened.

And while no one knows if Kate is still friends with Rose these days, it looks like Camilla is surely spending a lot of time with her.

There’s even one article in the Daily Mail by Richard Eden that suggests Rose Hanbury is “blossoming” in the court of Queen Camilla for whatever reason.

Of course, many critics sure did have a lot to say about the matter.

Some even commented with, “Maybe Rose is taking inspiration from Cam with her side-piece-to-Queen journey. It certainly worked out for Cam and for her children. Cam even got to keep ties with the ex. You can’t make assumptions based on how common people think.”

Rose Hanbury Is Getting Close With Queen Camilla

Another critic said, “Rose blooming in a dysfunctional court where the queen was the side piece that caused the wife great sorrow, a king who is self-absorbed as well as spoiled, has cut off a son and grandchildren and turned a blind eye to the cruel mistreatment of his DIL.”

And then there was this comment as well, “I think Camilla is trying to push Kate into coming out of hiding by parading Rose around in public. It’s one palace against each other now. KP needs to get it’s ducks in a row and take Charles more transparent lead.”

So far Buckingham Palace has not made any comments about the matter.

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