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The Truth About Nancy Lee Grahn And Plastic Surgery

If there is one person who is definitely going to tell it like it is, you better believe that it will be Nancy Lee Grahn. The actress, who is best known for her role as Alexis Davis on the hit ABC soap, had opened up about how some women simply shouldn’t compare themselves to what they see on television, and especially when it comes to the daytime television world. That’s because their good looks have to do with more than just good lighting. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

The Truth About Nancy Lee Grahn And Plastic Surgery

Nancy Lee Grahn has opened up about plastic surgery. Now, she’s never gone on the record to say whether or not she’s had anything done in the past, but she hinted that might be the case with a lot of people that she works with in the entertainment industry. 

Back in June 2023, Nancy put it this way, “Dear lovely women, Always open about my age & most things. I’m getting many comments about how good I look for my age? It’s smoke mirrors & some genetics. Never EVER compare urselves to actresses on TV or in movies. There’s makeup, hair, lighting, plastic surgery. It’s not real.” 

Of course, many of her fans had commented on the matter with, “You’re absolutely awesome @NancyLeeGrahn. I’m already a fan of yours, but this makes me love you even more. My daughter used to say she thought I looked like you and had similar attributes. I always thought that was such a compliment. Thanks Nancy,” along with, “Nancy we are all aging. But the beauty is also from the heart. You are beautiful, and yea makeup helps fine tune those darn lines. ( believe me I know) but the make up enhances our beauty.”

Nancy Lee Grahn Speaks The Truth

Another critic wrote, “Thank you for saying this! I believe I am about your age, and you do look good on TV! It’s more about how you feel anyway–when you feel good, you look good! Who said that we need to look like teenagers in order to look pretty? We can be Gray and Gorgeous, and look confident and beautiful in our 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond!”

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Adele Bach
Adele Bach
18 days ago

I believe there was definitely plastic surgery
I wish I could do it too

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