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Chelsea Clinton Reportedly Embarrassed Of The Past

You certainly can’t blame her for feeling the way that she does. There’s strong speculation on social media that suggests Chelsea Clinton is not feeling proud about some of the things that happened in the past with her family. In fact, a lot of people believe one of the reasons why she’s been staying under the radar is because of the fact that photos from her 2010 wedding have surfaced that show alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell front and center at the ceremony and of course, smiling, too. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: Chelsea Clinton Reportedly Embarrassed Of The Past

Chelsea’s wedding to Marc Mezvinsky might have been one of the happiest and memorable days in her life. But if she could make some changes to her guest list, there’s a good chance that she would. There’s a high probability that Chelsea had no idea that her father Bill Clinton had a connection to dead but also disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein and his supposed girlfriend at the time, Ghislaine Maxwell. Both have been accused of sex trafficking with Ghislaine currently serving time for her crimes.

While the former president himself has not been accused of any wrongdoing, a lot of people are surprised that Bill Clinton was close enough with Ghislaine that she managed to snag an invite to his daughter Chelsea’s wedding. And now that everyone knows the truth about what happened at Epstein’s private island, there’s no doubt that Chelsea has been left absolutely horrified over the entire ordeal. Who knew that the Clintons had personal relationships with such shady people? Actually, there’s a good chance that many people knew.

Chelsea Clinton Wishes She Could Turn Back Time

Of course, Chelsea herself has not made any comments about the matter, but at the same time it’s been quite some time since she’s been photographed with her father by her side. That right there is pretty telling, right? 

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