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Embarrassed Barron Trump Distancing Himself From The Trump Family

He’s going to do what he wants to do, regardless of what his family has to say about it. There’s a new report that suggests Barron Trump is doing whatever he can to distance himself from the Trump family. And that’s not because he is feuding with them, but simply because he wants to carve out his own identity. That might be one of the many reasons why he’s decided to walk a much different path than his father, Donald Trump, and his half siblings. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Embarrassed Barron Trump Distancing Himself From The Trump Family

Embarrassed Barron Trump is distancing himself from the Trump family. While it has been the Trump family tradition for everyone to enroll at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania just like their dad, it seems like Barron Trump has other plans in mind. There’s strong speculation that he might be attending NYU in the fall. Now, whether or not he ends up majoring in business remains to be seen, but there’s a very good chance that he might also take a different route when it comes to his education and future.

What’s more, a lot of people have noticed that Barron Trump has made very few public appearances with his parents, Donald and Melania Trump. While the Obama sisters Malia and Sasha were often seen at events with their parents, it seems like Barron would prefer to be anywhere but with his own. This has led to a lot of people wondering just what kind of relationship he might have with his parents behind closed doors. 

What’s Next For Barron Trump?

That said, it also doesn’t seem like Barron is very close with any of his brothers or sisters, which include Ivanka and Tiffany and Eric and Donald, Jr. While there was a time where Tiffany was rather close with Barron and shared birthday wishes for him on social media, that time seems to have passed as well.

A lot of people believe that there’s hope Barron might become a different kind of Trump. But time will only tell, right? 

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Jasmin Wood
Jasmin Wood
1 month ago

The kid obviously got his brains from his mom’s side of the family. He’s definitely smarter than his step-siblings.

Tammy Hager
28 days ago

That’s a LIE, Barron is shown with his family a lot! And no he’s not embarrassed of any of them, he’s actually quite proud of them. If you’re going to waste your time making up articles, I suggest you write something believable!

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