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Amy Dugger Gets Nasty About ‘Pedophile’ Cousin Josh Dugger

Let’s just say that she’s not sending him any holiday cards while he’s serving his time behind bars. Amy Duggar has certainly not held back in her criticism of her cousin, former reality television star Josh Duggar. She says that he deserves the worst kind of torture in jail as she believes that he “deserves every second” for his crimes. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: Amy Dugger Gets Nasty About ‘Pedophile’ Cousin Josh Dugger

In a new interview with People, Amy Duggar says that Josh is definitely getting his karma in jail as he is currently serving his 12-year prison sentence for child pornography. As many Duggar family fans can recall, Josh was also accused of sexually molesting his own sisters when they were little girls, too.

In her interview with the publication, Amy said that she’s certainly not shedding any tears for the former TLC star. She put it this way, “I hope every day there is absolute torture for him. I really hope that because what he watched and what he was viewing for his own fulfillment is those kids experiencing torture.He deserves every second in there, and I hope he gets a longer term.”

Josh was found guilty of maintaining child pornography back in 2021. Many critics have commented on the matter with, “OMG. What took so long to get this guy locked up. And yet his wife still stands by him…. Did she watch him when he is around their girls? He should never leave prison,” along with, “I hope he gets let out into the yard during gen pop time. These things don’t just appear. I wonder who molested Josh.”

Celeb News: Ammy Duggar Doesn’t Hold Back

So far the Duggars have not made any comments about the matter, although many of the older siblings, like Jill and Jessa Duggar, have distanced themselves from their parents, Michelle and Jim Bob, and the rest of the family for several years now.

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