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Meghan Markle is Making Unreasonable Demands

She just can’t let it go, now can she? There’s a new report that suggests that Meghan Markle will only go to the UK if she gets what she wants. And what she wants is an apology from the royal family otherwise she will never step foot on British soil ever again. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Meghan Markle is Making Unreasonable Demands

According to a new report, King Charles wants to invite Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to spend a little time with him at Balmoral this summer. And of course, he also wants to bond with his two California grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. But it seems like the only way that will happen is if King Charles apologizes to Meghan Markle first for the way that she was mistreated during her time in the UK. Otherwise, Meghan wants nothing to do with the King of England or the other members of the royal family for that matter. At least, that’s what royal expert Tom Quinn says.

Quinn put it this way, “Meghan and Harry feel that turning up at Balmoral will put them on the back foot as it’s very much Royal Home turf. And Meghan won’t want to go back on her public insistence that she will never return to the UK – she’ll only do it if she gets the apology she has always demanded, unless something really dreadful happens, either King Charles or Kate become gravely ill or even die. If that happens all bets are off.”

Royal Family News: Will King Charles Apologize?

He continued, “According to people I’ve spoken to at Kensington Palace King Charles has hinted to Harry and Meghan that they should come to Balmoral in the summer to see if something can be done about the ongoing feud in the family. Charles knows that Harry and Meghan are much more likely to respond positively to an invitation after the shock of Harry’s father’s cancer diagnosis and Kate’s cancer diagnosis. It’s one of those situations where good might just come out of bad.”

So far Meghan Markle herself has not made any comments about the matter.

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Lori Lane
Lori Lane
1 month ago

I wish that Megan and Harry could find it in their hearts to forgive what hurt them, and go back to the UK and heal the relationships between them and their family. I so want to see King Charles enjoy his grandchildren from Megan and Harry. I also want to see healing between the king and his son and daughter-in-law.

1 month ago

If this article is legitimate, I think Meaghan and Harry have every right to want an apology. Meaghan was treated like trash. The British media on a daily basis made comparisons between Meaghan and Kate, always saying how great Kate was how classy she is but at every turn. I remember reading the nasty comments about Meaghan about how she was disruptive just because she chose to be proactive, asking questions and making suggestions during some royal family meetings instead of nodding her head and agreeing with what everyone else said. I guess this a case that women should look pretty but leave important decisions to the men.

Last but not least, it was bad enough the British media and papers made horrible comments about Meaghan but then they started saying nasty things about Harry and Meaghan’s son Archie. I can’t remember all of nasty things that were said but there is one comment that I have never forgotten. The comment was made about baby Archie and how he was going to resemble a monkey. I thought that even though the royal family wasn’t a fan of Meaghan, that they would surely speak up, speak out about the racist comments against a child. No one in of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles William nor Kate came to Archie’s defense or demanded an apology from the various new stations or newspapers. That was VERY telling to me, it showed me that the bi-racial grandchild wasn’t considered to as important as the “other” grandchildren.

Personally, I would NEVER want to have any dealings with a so-called family that didn’t have my back when the chips were down.

1 month ago

They have nothing to be apologize to. Meagan did not accept help from the staff for her Arco g. She wanted to do it herself. And Katherine just having a baby could have used help with the bridesmaids dresses. Meagan had MOG respect for anyone, BUT wants to put her on a pedestal. She did not want to understand the pecking order. She thought that since she was a so called serial program star she should be above everyone. She was an actress. And from what I have not the best of the best. When she was younger and in school and had to mark what color she was she marked white as most thought she was white. She forgot the sacrifices her Dad to pay got yhr private schools etc and threw him under the bus.
She really has no family except her Mom. And now she has alienated Harry from his. He is as stupid as they come to be manipulated by that person. She made her bed she should sleep on it. And they poor mouth all the time but are worth millions. Guess she thinks money buys prestigious friends. Some have distanced themselves from the two of them. They should.
She divorced her first husband and lived with a celebrity chef in Canada. Guess they were platonic friends with no privileges. HA! And she wants to be like Diana. She messed around too.

1 month ago


Donna Lawson
Donna Lawson
1 month ago

I feel Meghan has told so many lies. She doesn’t deserve an apology. She is so full of herself that’s really disgusting.

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