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Jennifer Lopez Attacked: New Report Exposes ‘Complicit’ J.Lo

Could this be the reason why she’s been so quiet lately? There’s a new report that suggests one reporter is ready to go on the attack (but verbally) on Jennifer Lopez. Liz Crokin, who is known to be a conspiracist, believes that it’s time to “expose” the talented singer and actress and why she’s been so complicit and even quiet over her ex-boyfriend P. Diddy and all of his current legal problems. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Jennifer Lopez Attacked: New Report Exposes ‘Complicit’ J.Lo

Liz took to her X (formerly Twitter) account to write, “I think it’s time I expose Jennifer Lopez aka Miss Jenny from the Block. It will be from the perspective of someone who was on the set of American Idol working as a journalist covering her when she was a judge. And I saw what happened when the cameras weren’t rolling. It will be from the perspective of someone who hung out with her, her team and one of her many husbands at the same table at a posh Beverly Hills hotel after an award’s show.”

She then added, “It hasn’t gone unnoticed by me that J. Lo just happened to put out the most disgustingly narcissistic documentary I’ve ever seen at the same time the truth about her ex, Diddy, allegedly trafficking children among many other criminal acts — including some alleged crime(s) she may allegedly have been an accomplice to — came out and she’s remained silent. Your silence on Diddy @JLo is deafening. However, what makes it extraordinarily disgusting is that you have shamelessly self-promoted yourself and used your massive PR machine to paint yourself as some sort of victim at this time with no public concern or empathy for the alleged potential victims.”

The Truth About Jennifer Lopez Is About To Come Out

Of course, many of Liz’s social media followers have had a lot to say about the matter. Some have commented with, “Wow, @JLo has some dark secrets going on. I won’t be surprised. They are just evil people we admire blindly,” along with, “Liz Crokin, you’re amazing! Expose expose expose. These people need to be brought into the light.”

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