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Prince WIlliam Putting Royal Divorce Announcement On Hold

With his wife Kate Middleton currently in the hospital, Prince William knows that each and every step that he makes is going to be carefully watched and even analyzed by the press. That’s why he’s being very careful with everything that he says, does, and even the places that he goes as he doesn’t want the British media to think that he’s abandoned his wife. But at the same time, he knows that he needs to move forward in his life. That’s probably one of the reasons why the Prince of Wales has decided to put his royal divorce announcement on hold. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince WIlliam Putting Royal Divorce Announcement On Hold

Does Prince William want to pull the plug on his marriage with Kate Middleton and divorce? That’s what a lot of royal fans can’t help but wonder these days. There’s heavy speculation that Kensington Palace is not telling the entire truth about the Princess of Wales and her hosptilization. While the palace insists that she had a pre-scheduled abdominal surgery, a lot of people can’t help but wonder why the palace would have had to cancel all of her future royal engagements and public appearances if they knew about the surgery beforehand. Something just isn’t adding up. 

Royal Family News: What’s Next For William And Kate?

It goes without saying that royal fans and critics alike have their theories over what might possibly be going on. Some people believe that Prince William was getting ready to make the big announcement to the world, but that was when Kate Middleton’s health began to decline. Of course, he can’t file for divorce while his wife is in need of some serious care. Others think that the Princess of Wales went to the hospital to stall the announcement. Whatever the case, fans know that the truth is going to come out sooner rather than later, like it always does. Do you agree?

Tell us, what do you think of this story? Drop us a line in our comments section below with your thoughts. Also, watch this space as we have a feeling there is so much more juicy drama to come.

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4 months ago

I think William will be a rat if he leaves his wife; just like his father did with Dina. He will hurt his kids and the people of England won’t never forgive him for leaving her for another woman; how dare he do that to his wife and kids. That will be a bad mistake he will ever made in in his life.

4 months ago
Reply to  Margaret

I agree with you. Why on earth a divorce with Kate. Every one loves her. Make marriage work, there are always upset and downs. I feel for the kids they would traumatized by all this.

4 months ago

Fans “think” he once a divorce that doesn’t make it real.

4 months ago

People just think he wants a divorce that doesn’t make it true.

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