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Prince William Left Disgusted With The Divorce Rumors

Prince William has been left absolutely disgusted with all of the rumors suggesting he and his wife Kate Middleton were getting ready to pull the plug on their marriage. This came before the Princess of Wales announced to the world that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News: Prince William Left Disgusted With The Divorce Rumors

Prince William has been left disgusted with all of the divorce rumors. While he knew that his wife had been dealing with her health woes this entire time, there was nothing that he could say or do about all of the nasty trolls that were spreading rumors about his marriage and even his marital affair online. It wasn’t until the Princess of Wales finally set the record straight in her own heartbreaking message to the world about her cancer diagnosis. For the last several months, Prince William had to keep his mouth shut and for the future king of England, that was the most difficult thing for him to do.

But then again, the damage has been done. Unfortunately for the future king of England, his previous indiscretions have been brought to light again thanks to people like Stephen Colbert who made fun of his affair on his late night talk show. If that weren’t enough, the woman that he allegedly cheated on Kate Middleton with, Rose Hanbury, has also been dealing with a lot of online bullying and even sent a threatening legal notice to Colbert. No matter what Prince William does at this point, everyone will still look at him like he was a cheater, regardless of how hard he tries to show the world that he’s a dotting and caring husband to his wife now.

Royal Family News: What’s Next For William And Kate?

But as most royals do anyway, Prince William is going to keep calm and carry on anyway. He knows that sooner or later these rumors are going to go away. But for his own sake and for the sake of his marriage, he wants these rumors to go away as quickly as possible, too. 

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