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General Hospital News: Fans Concerned About Ingo Rademacher’s Mental Health

General Hospital fans have a reason to be concerned about Ingo Rademacher and his mental health, especially since he’s been missing in action on social media for well over a month. This has prompted a lot of fans to wonder what might be really going on with the actor, who last played Jasper Jacks in Port Charles back in 2021. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital News: Fans Concerned About Ingo Rademacher’s Mental Health

Is everything ok with Ingo Rademacher these days? Clearly, that’s what fans want to know. While he used to be very active on social media, it seems like he’s taken a break ever since his old pal Steve Burton returned to General Hospital. Some fans think that Ingo is upset that he too was not invited back on the show. But then again, there could be several good reasons behind it. Ingo is not on very good terms with his former employers.

Because he sued the ABC network over discrimination even though he refused to comply with their vaccine mandate back in 2021, his lawsuit was tossed out by a judge. Not only that, but it seems like no one wants to touch Ingo. Even though there was some speculation that Ingo would have been hired back over at The Bold and the Beautiful, that didn’t happen either. Instead, he’s had no choice but to do odd jobs to make ends meet.

General Hospital News: What’s Next For Ingo Rademacher?

To make matters worse, Ingo says that he certainly doesn’t feel or look like he used to. He’s gained weight, his mental health has deteriorated, and he’s even felt depressed. That’s because he is no longer doing what he’s always loved to do and that’s act in front of the cameras. Simply put, no one wants to hire him anymore.

General Hospital fans will have to tune in each and every day to find out what will happen next. General Hospital airs on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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Vivian Hunt
Vivian Hunt
28 days ago

The comparison between Burton and Ingo are very different. Ingo sued ABC so his ties to his previous employer are damaged and it may be Hollywood has probably blackballed him. Unfortunately Ingo made a decision between keeping his job and refusing a mandated vaccination. I know those are personal decisions but I wouldn’t want an unvaccinated person working along side of me. Imagine a whole set being sick and you have to continue filming. Unfortunately Ingo decided to fight the mandate in lieu of keeping his job. At the end it was his decision. Then Ingo kept talking about the network on social media. Burton stayed quiet about it and moved on to another story. He left on good terms and didn’t attack the network. I’m glad Burton is back. Also Burtons character is very different from Jasper Jacks. I don’t think we should make soup operas political platforms we have enough of that going on.

25 days ago
Reply to  Vivian Hunt

He’s the one who black bald himself it was his actions and when you do stuff like that you alienate yourself from those who are supposed to be available when you quit one job and want to go to another people see you for who you are and they think this guy is not somebody I want because he’s not really a team player and he has bad sportsmanship if you want to call it that when you work with so many people you have to be a team player and when it comes to the health of others you should try and put their health as well as your own first

25 days ago

I find it hard to have much sympathy for somebody who too their employer for trying to do what’s best in a situation that was such a fast-moving brush fire is what it was where everybody was trying to keep people safe vaccines are something we get as babies so why is one more vaccine such an issue to go overseas you have to have extra vaccines than the ones you get when you’re a child and nobody thinks twice about that so I don’t want to see him come back I’m just fine with him not coming around Burton on the other hand acted a little differently he wasn’t happy about it he had his say about it and he carried on he traded the situation much differently and I applaud Burton for his more reasonable actions regarding the situation Rademacher showed his rear end in the worst way possible and it’s now come back to bite him so this is on him

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