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Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Negotiating Their Relationship Contract?

When it comes to the celebrity world, love and relationships, you never know what’s real and what’s not. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of people think that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship might not be as real as it seems. In fact, many people have also noticed that after Travis was criticized for not showing enough support to his girlfriend, he seemingly traveled to Singapore to spend some time with her. And of course, it was all done in front of the cameras. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Negotiating Their Relationship Contract?

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce really together or are they just staging things for the cameras? That’s what a lot of fans want to know. In the last month, the couple have only spent a few days together as they seem to be working and partying on different continents. Of course, that’s not Taylor’s fault as she is currently touring in Asia. But at the same time, Travis does have all the free time in the world now that the NFL season is over. Yet, he only spent one day in Singapore last month and then swiftly traveled back to the States to party in Las Vegas with his Kansas City Chiefs teammates. 

Celeb News: What’s Next For Taylor And Travis?

While no one really knows what is going on behind closed doors for Taylor and Travis, it seems like they are paying attention to their critics and what their fans are saying on social media. That might be one of the reasons why Travis traveled back to Singapore to be with his girlfriend. Even though it’s hard to determine whether or not Travis really wants to spend time with Taylor or if they are going through contract negotiations, no one knows, but time will only tell if their relationship will continue to flourish. Watch this space for more.

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