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AOC Picks A Fight With Elon Musk In Nasty Attack

She went there, didn’t she? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is better known as AOC in the political celebrity world, has picked a fight with Elon Musk. She claims that the X CEO supposedly changed the algorithms on his social media platform to help candidates that he preferred to see win during the 2022 midterm election. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News: AOC Picks A Fight With Elon Musk In Nasty Attack

Did Elon Musk use X (which is formerly known as Twitter) to interfere with the midterm elections in 2022? That’s what critics like AOC want to know. In a classified briefing this afternoon, attended by officials from the Biden Justice Department, AOC claimed that Elon committed ‘election interference’ in 2022 by changing the algorithms on X to alter the results of the midterms that year.

Of course, it didn’t take very long for Elon Musk himself to reply to the matter. He responded on X with, “Actually, I made the algorithm open source and neutral to all parties, but of course that *is* election interference by her standards.”

Elon also used a laughing emoji to make his point clear. Many of his social media followers also weighed in on the matter with, “If you’re not actively helping the Democrats win elections, you’re interfering in elections. That’s where we are in 2024. By not censoring conservatives that is election interference according to AOC,” along with, “Open source, freedom, free speech, etc., are all extremist ideas that are dangerous for their democracy. Cut her some slack, she’s not very smart.”

Celeb News: Is AOC Right?

Another critic wrote, “She also, previously, put forward a plan that sought to remove all CO2 from the atmosphere. An act that would literally kill every last life form on earth. Perhaps we should take her assessment on the function of X’s algorithms with a grain of salt.”

So far AOC herself has not made any comments about the criticism she’s received, although it’s doubtful that at this point she will.

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