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General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Has A New Message For Fans

General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn has a new message for fans. Nancy, who is best known for her role as Alexis Davis on the hit ABC soap, is very vocal when it comes to her political views on social media. And you better believe that she did have a very special message to share with her followers this week, too. When Nancy wants to support someone, she is going to shout it from the highest rooftops. Keep reading below for everything she has to say!

General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Has A New Message For Fans

For once, Nancy is not criticizing former President Donald Trump or his political party. Instead, she’s trying to rally her fans and followers in the hopes that they will get out there and vote. Or at least, those fans that she has in the state of California. Sharing a photo of herself alongside fellow actress Jean Smart, Nancy wrote that the two women are “advocating for ⁦@PiersonForCA⁩ 4 state assembly. CA’s 4th largest economy in the world so this seat actually matters. Vote if you’re in CA & even if you’re not, plz Donate http:// because who gets this seat ultimately affects everyone.”

Of course, many of Nancy’s Twitter followers sure did have a lot to say about her message. Some even commented with, “EVERYTHING about this makes my heart happy! Sending victorious vibes your way. Also, I’m now mentally consumed by intoxicating wonder around how freaking incredible it would’ve been had Nancy been on Designing Women. I may never recover from this,” along with, “Go ladies!!! Y’all are gorgeous!!! I can’t vote for her because I’m in another district. She’s in California State Assembly District #44 for the voters in that district.”

General Hospital Star Nancy Lee Grahn Wants Her Fans To Get Out Their And Vote

And then there was this comment as well, “I love you both!! Jean Smart look great still. It’s very nice to see #DesigningWomen showing some reruns on #Antenna_TV still. What a great actress and woman to partner with!”

General Hospital airs on the ABC network. Check your local listings for times.

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emily schwanz
4 months ago

How do people fall out of love and fall in love for someone else

emily schwanz
4 months ago

I vote for nancy lee grahn she has my vote because she has so much talent she my best friend she amazing actress

4 months ago
Reply to  emily schwanz

General Hospital pays Nancy for her role as directed not for Her Political views.
We Do Not Care.


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